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YOUJIE Wheelchair stands as a prominent electric wheelchair manufacturer situated in Yiwu, China. With a steadfast dedication to the design, research, and production of top-tier electric wheelchairs, we have solidified our position as a professional in the field. Catering to the global market for over a decade, our primary markets encompass the U.S., EU countries, Russia, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.Presently, our wheelchair factory boasts an annual design production capacity of 100,000pcs, production category include: manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchair, kids wheelchair, sports wheelchair, transfer wheelchair, aid walker and other related mobility products . Each individual wheelchair undergoes rigorous quality control procedures during the manufacturing process.

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 To enhance the quality of our power wheelchairs, our factory employs cutting-edge equipment, including automated welding robots. This integration of advanced technology results in a higher proportion of automated production, guaranteeing precision in product processing. Collaborative innovation between our designers and engineers fuels the efficiency of crafting customized wheelchairs, thereby ensuring a seamless and efficient process.Whether it’s the readily available standard wheelchairs or the elegantly tailored personalized versions, we maintain ample stock to facilitate swift delivery within 48 hours. This approach grants each of our overseas customers the convenience of having an electric wheelchair manufacturer near me.

Dedicated to Providing Top-Quality Wheelchairs Tailored to Every Customer's Needs.

Simple OEM Services

Wheelchair factory can offer Simple OEM Services: Changing colors of wheelchair frame, seating cushion materials, wheels type, motor brand, and right joysticks or left joysticks, your lase logo, and package.
just give us your idea, we can offer most accessible and comfortable solution for your style.

Tailor-Made Solutions

For wheelchairs distributors, our wheelchair factory can offer Tailor-Made Solutions: We has the capability to create fully customized solutions for bulk orders. To build a new mould special for you. In the wheelchair market large distributors monopolize certain models, so new OEM models are especially crucial for other dealers to enter the wheelchair market.

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Youjie Tech Medical not only deals with wholesale hospital beds and wheelchairs, but also sells other medical supply products in large quantities. Here are some of our products that customers like.

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We take satisfaction very seriously. Want to visit the factory, no problem. Due to COVID-19, the factory reception is temporarily suspended, and we welcome you to visit the factory after COVID-19 is over.

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Important of Medical Device Wholesale Certificates

Introducing Three Common International Certifications


RoHS certification is an important regulation for environmental protection in the electrical and electronics industry, and our medical devices and electric massagers are RoHS compliant.


The FDA requires all exporters of medical devices to pass the FDA’s standard testing and certification before they can enter the U.S. market.


CE marked medical devices meet a range of European requirements for safety, health, environmental protection and consumer protection. So the quality is more guaranteed.
We have various import licenses from more than 50 countries to ensure that your products can be smoothly imported into your country and solve your worries! If your country needs other certificates, we will provide certificates according to your requirements!

Quality Solutions with You Every Step

High quality packaging ensures transportation. To provide you with more professional, safer and faster value-added services.


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Predicted Factory Wholesale Price

All funds paid to Youjie Tech for the purchase of its products are secure. Below is a summary of the fees you will incur:

Scheme Fee

Pay a small fee to achieve any design you want for your hospital bed wheelchair at factory prices.

Sample fee

In case you need a sample of an electric massager, pay only the minimum amount, this amount is for a single sample. If you need several samples, you’ll pay a little more.

T/T Fee

You are free to decide to pay the full amount or pay 40% of the full amount for wholesale.

Comprehensive Fee

It is any other fees related to taxes, service charges, penalties and late fees. They are usually low cost amounts.

Shipping Fee

This is the amount you will pay for shipping your products from the factory to your doorstep. Youjie Tech provides you with any kind of convenience.

Final Fee

Complete 60% of the remaining amount within a certain period and receive the products you ordered.

Predicted process flow & duration

The final delivery date depends on your customized service, as well as the shipping distance. Take the example of booking a container of products:


Conversation & Samples (1-14 Days)

Communicate product information, details, logo location, etc. And make samples. Time is determined by its complexity.


Contract & Payment(1 Days)

Contracts are legally binding. Paying a deposit may mean that you have entered into a contract and are bound by the terms and conditions of that contract.


Production & Shipping(20-40 Days)

The factory starts mass production and the cycle time is basically (10-30 days). Then quality inspection and packing (5-7 days). Finally, we choose the cargo transportation method and deliver to your destination (10-30 days).

Customize Any Idea You Have

Custom Design

Meet any of your requirements for new product design.

Custom Logo

We have many kinds of label printing methods, such as heating transfer printing, washing label/logo tag, etc.

Custom Packaging

We provide plastic packaging, carton packaging. Customized packaging is also available to meet the needs.

What our customers say Youjie Tech

We take customer satisfaction very seriously. Your rights and interests will be fully protected.
“Very good product. Well made. Does as it was expected.Value for your dollars. It could be better priced. But it’s well made. Solid metal. Easy to use, extremely well designed, and safety latch is excellent.”

Suna Kaya

Happy customers

“Wow,thank you so much, We received your all hospital beds and accessories, so beautiful and the quality so powerful than i bought i bought before, and i want to thank you Youjie Tech, You’re so helpful to us,thank you!”

Melliez Luciano

“This is my amazing shopping experience, good factory and good service, thank you Youjie Tech, you’re my eyes in China. I will buying again for you!”


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