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What is the best electric massager?

With the improvement of the quality of life, people pay more and more attention to health. Massage is one of the effective ways to maintain health and regulate the body. There are many types of electric massagers on the market, and each type of massager uses a different method. When choosing an electric massager, a clear understanding of various types of massagers will be of great help to you.

1. What is the best massager for neck and shoulder pain?

Neck massagers can reduce neck and shoulder stiffness, prevent hunchback and correct posture. At the same time, the magnetic treatment point on the massage point can directly contact the human body, help blood circulation, promote metabolism, and relieve the auxiliary treatment of cervical spondylosis for 5-15 minutes. The effect is remarkable. Applicable people: white-collar workers, drivers, people who stand for a long time, sit for a long time, and face the computer for a long time.

1.Neck Massagers

  • Intelligent voice prompts, without tedious steps.
  • 300g lightweight wear, not to add extra burden to the cervical spine.
  • Skin-friendly conductive gel with simulation pulse waveform, even if it is dry winter, still experience the original look of massage.

2.Full Body Massage Mattress

  • Shoulder, waist, buttocks and legs, all-in-one massage, fixed-point positioning and manual manipulation. When I first used it, I felt very comfortable and didn’t want to get up.
  • Low frequency vibration and gentle massage will not directly hit the soul. It is very friendly for people who are afraid of pain and the elderly.

2. What is the best massager for foot?

Increase blood circulation, increase metabolism, thereby improving sleep; prevent and improve high blood pressure, rheumatism and back pain; it can gradually improve foot problems.

1.Foot Bath Massager

  • 10 seconds fast steam out, sauna foot bath.
  • Anti-pebble foot board, enjoy the original massage.
  • 14 electric massage points, as if 14 fingers, press the soles of the feet.

2.Foot And Leg Massager

  • This leg massager is cordless, lightweight and easy to carry. You can take and enjoy them after working, watching TV, surfing the Internet or exercising. To give a massge to calf, thigh or arm.

3. What is the best at home massager?

For waist problems, in addition to the need to combine work and rest and adjust the correct posture, massage may be a more effective method.

1.Heated Back Massager

  • Four innovative customization, new experience of waist protection
  • Double-frequency imitation manual massage, precise massage waist acupuncture points.
  • Graphene heat, feel the real warmth from the inside out.
  • Amazing stone vibration to relieve lumbar pain.
  • Three cartilage structure, upgrade the bionic spine support system.
  • 7 massage modes, waist numbness and stiffness or severe pain, can be met.

2.Belly Massager

  • 5 seconds quick heat, three levels of temperature intelligent adjustment.
  • 5 red light irradiation, large area warming, completely covering the abdomen and uterus position.
  • One key easy to start, click to switch mode air pressure and hot compress mode.
  • Belly massage is a will give small abdominal SPA during menstrual cramps, kneading and stroking function.
  • Dysmenorrhea with uterine cold, easy to relieve. Two side airbags, tapping the belt point. Middle airbag, gently abdomen.

3.Waist Massager Machine

  • The waist massager adopts ergonomic design, beautiful and scientific, in line with the curve of the waist and abdomen. It adopts wireless remote control, easy to operate.
  • 3D intelligent lamination technology, easy to adjust the electrodes according to the curve of the waist and abdomen, more comfortable to use. Massage with USB fast charging, more convenient to use.

4. What is the best electric massager for knee pain?

Knee massager is ideal for parents. Using it at home, you can let your parents enjoy a comfortable massage anytime, anywhere, without worrying about your parents’ knees being uncomfortable on rainy days!

1.Electric Knee Massager

  • The use of carbon fiber heating system, rapid warming, effective penetration of the muscle.
  • Rechargeable and long-lasting, and equipped with a special charger. Rechargeable\plug can be used.
  • 3D ring pressing, dynamic muscle clamping and kneading, simulating real fingers squeezing, kneading massage technique.
  • Red and blue light joint irradiation using high purity, high power density of red light, blue light on the muscle irradiation, so that the knee healthier.

2.Vibration Knee Massager

  • 3 simple buttons include Massage, Heat and Time.The heating function will reach 150℉ in 10 minutes with a safe overheat protection design, and you can choose automatic shutdown for 5, 10, or 15 minutes as needed.

How to choose electric massager supplier in China?

Youjie Tech is a manufacturer integrating massager production, development and management. After nearly ten years of development, the company’s main products include: leg massager, knee massager, neck massager, foot massager, waist massager, full body massage mattress and a series of health massage products.

Why should you choose Youjie Tech when buying electric massager?

First of all, we are a massager supplier with our own factory, you can enjoy the factory price and also can customize the electric massager to realize any ideas you have.

Secondly, we have a complete foreign trade system, which can help you solve the difficulties of import and export of massager.

Finally, we have service guarantee system for our products, free to solve any problems for you.


Youjie Tech

Youjie Tech

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