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What is the best electric scooter for adults?

Some people say that life is like a journey. Exploration, fear and discovery are the process of life. For many disabled friends trapped in wheelchairs, their lives continue. The way to accept a wheelchair is to sit in a wheelchair and do what you can.

There are 50 wheels on the scooter. The young man walked up the obstacle easily. For example, electric scooters can ignore the gap between the high-speed rail car and the platform, and drive directly on the high-speed rail. It can also easily pass cars through flexible controls and small space steering functions.

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Youjie Tech scooters can easily traverse small ditches and potholes on small ridges, helping the elderly to travel freely on most roads without the need for additional help and care from others, such as directly on the subway.

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Photographers go to the small ditch and small ridges of the Forbidden City. Please pay attention to the road surface. Electric scooters will make you feel like walking on the ground.

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This is a professional nursing scooter. Each front wheel consists of 24 small wheels, two front wheels use a total of 48 small wheels, plus two rear wheels, a total of 50 wheels.

The new front wheel composed of 24 small wheels is called the omnidirectional wheel. With the help of omnidirectional wheels, the scooter can be easily steered in a small space.

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You can also drive freely on roads densely filled with small ditches and small ridges, so that there will be no more “stuck wheels” that annoy wheelers.

Because of this design, the scooter won a design award. The advantage of the omnidirectional wheel is that it is very precise to control the direction of the wheelchair.

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The omni-directional wheel can only roll forward and backward, and will not swing from side to side. When a turn is needed, the omni wheel uses 24 small wheels around the big wheel to rotate laterally to turn. Therefore, a scooter with omnidirectional wheels can easily manipulate the traveling direction in small spaces such as indoors, elevators, and subways.

Another advantage of the omni wheel is that it can easily overcome obstacles.

Because the omnidirectional wheel is always forward, when encountering obstacles, it can directly go over the obstacle instead of the traditional universal wheel for wheelchair. When encountering obstacles, it will deviate. “Back and forth” phenomenon.

traditional universal wheel for wheelchair

As a professional scooter manufacturer, Youjie Technology ensures that wheeled vehicles can drive independently, comfortably and with dignity. Therefore, many wheelchair users now choose Youjie Technology to travel easily and freely to any place they want.

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This is due to the omni-wheel design of the electric scooter, which ensures that bumpy roads can pass freely. There is no problem with dilapidated stone roads like those in the Forbidden City. At the same time, because the on-board computer of the electric scooter has been optimized for many software, the speed of the computer compensates for the slowness of the elderly and the control of the elderly is very easy.

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When you are sitting on a scooter, you don’t need to worry about such rough roads, you can go straight to obstacles. Moreover, the rough road will not affect the operation of the electric scooter. The built-in gyroscope and optimized operating software can automatically determine the bumps on the road, predict the operation and help the elderly make adjustments at any time according to the road conditions to ensure safe passage.

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How choose electric scooters manufacturer in china?

Products with similar functions are not popular in developed countries in Europe and America, so electric scooters are also recognized by foreign friends at international exhibitions.

If you are a wheelchair dealer or a wheelchair operator, Youjie Tech strongly recommends that you choose this product. Which is both avant-garde and fashionable, and can meet the needs of different roads.


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Youjie Tech

Hello, I’m Youjie Tech, the author of this article. I have been running a medical device factory in China for 11 years and this article is intended to share medical knowledge with you. The view of Chinese suppliers.

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