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7 Best Massager Machine China In 2021

The best-selling massage devices sold on Amazon come from Youjie products. Because Youjie is a manufacturer, there are all kinds of massage devices, and they are all sold at the factory price. If you are looking for a manufacturer of massage equipment, please contact us immediately.

China is known as the factory of the world. Basically all products are made in China. 85% of the various massage equipment sold on the market come from China.

Most of the electric massagers currently sold on Amazon are provided by Youjie Tech, such as: waist massagers, leg massagers, knee massagers and foot massagers. The following Youjie Technology will introduce you to the advantages of 7 massagers.

7 types of massage equipment

1.Leg Massager Machine

  • The massager belt can wrap arm, thigh, or leg. And there are three massage modes and 2 massage levels to meet your demand. 
  • The massager is wireless, lightweight and portable. You can take and enjoy them when you are woirking, watching TV, surfing the internet, or after sports. 

2.Foot and Calf Massagers

  • Open design, more convenient to clean, quick release of sweat, can be used by multiple people
  • Switch to different gears according to the use situation, 2 gears acupressure speed 3 gears air pressure intensity

3.Electric Heating Knee

  • There is a heating therapy mode. In this mode, you can adjust 3 leves to meet your demand.
  • There are four airbags in each knee area, which can completely wrap the knee joints. With 3 levels of air pressure massage intensity, the knee massage machine is suitable for different knee massage users. 

4.Heated Vibration Knee Massager

  • Powered by 2 Portable Charger. Comes with 2pcs 2600MAH power banks, can work for the knee brace warp about 2-3 hours after full charge.
  • Heating function max to 150℉ in10 mins. with safe over heated protection design, 5-minute, 10-minute, 15-minute automatic shutoff can be choose according to your need.

5.Waist Massager Machine

  • Eight pulse moeds imitate various massage techniques of traditional chinese medicine.
  • The waist massager is wireless and portable.and the standby time can be up to 22,take it and anjoy it anywhere.

6.Heated Back Massager

  • There are three physiotherapy layers, namely the stone needle layer, coarse salt layer, and graphene layer. 
  • The back massager is heated by graphene, which has better heating performance than carton fiber, heating quickly and evenly. It is about 10 seconds for its heating to keep warm and relieve backache. There are 3 temperature levels, namely 40℃, 50℃, and 60℃. 

7.Heating Waist Massager

  • There is a massage airbag and heating-light massage part on the belly massager relieves abdominal discomfort and pains during menstruation.
  • There are two airbags inside the waist massage belt. It massages the belt channel acupoints via inflating and deflating the airbag to reduce the discomfort in the period.

The above 7 types of massagers are the most popular styles this year, Hope it helps you.

How do I choose Massager Machine Manufacturer?

If you are a massager distributor and are looking for a cheap massager manufacturer, please contact us and purchase the goods directly at the factory price.

We have a complete foreign trade system and one-stop service to provide you with the best experience.


Youjie Tech

Youjie Tech

Hello, I’m Youjie Tech, the author of this article. I have been running a medical device factory in China for 11 years and this article is intended to share medical knowledge with you. The view of Chinese suppliers.

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