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How To Buy Wheelchair From Professional Perspective?

Wheelchairs are chairs that are equipped with wheels to help replace walking. It is an important mobile tool for the home rehabilitation of the wounded, sick, and disabled, turnover transportation, medical treatment, and outing activities. The wheelchair not only meets the mobility of the physically disabled and the disabled, but more importantly, it is convenient for the family to move and take care of the sick. Allow patients to use wheelchairs to exercise and participate in social activities.
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According to the structure and function, wheelchairs can be divided into four categories: one is a soft seat cushion; the other is a hard seat cushion; the third is a high-back wheelchair; the fourth is a wheelchair with some special functions, such as a small movable dining table and seat The toilet can be placed flat, can be used as a simple bed, and so on. When designing a wheelchair, there are many functions that can be used, but these functions cannot be reflected in the same wheelchair at the same time. Users should choose according to their needs.

Generally, only portable wheelchairs should be used as a means of transportation. It can be put in the trunk of the car, which is convenient to carry upstairs, and it takes up little space when not in use.

If a special user has only one hand or can only use one hand to drive the wheelchair, it is necessary to choose a wheelchair with the function of driving two wheels with one hand at the same time. Otherwise, when buying an ordinary wheelchair without a caregiver, you can only turn around.

Wheelchairs are an important tool for patient rehabilitation, as well as a transportation tool for patients with lower limbs, and a lifelong transportation tool for patients with spinal cord injury. More importantly, they can use a wheelchair to exercise and participate in social activities. Wheelchairs are divided into ordinary wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and special wheelchairs. Among the special-shaped wheelchairs, standing wheelchairs, reclining wheelchairs, unilateral drive wheelchairs and competitive wheelchairs are commonly used.

As a person or family member using wheelchairs for the first time, how should I buy it?

  1. Wheels on the ground. When the user is driving autonomously, whether it is pressing a small stone or crossing a small threshold, it will not let other wheels hang in the air, causing loss of direction or sudden turn.
  2. Shows stability. When the user autonomously drives uphill or crosses a slope, he cannot overturn, lower his head or fall sideways.
  3. Standing wave performance. When the nursing staff pushes the patient onto the slope and applies the brake, the wheelchair cannot slide or roll when leaving.
  4. Glide offset. The deviation refers to the unbalanced configuration, and the deviation from the zero line in the 2.5-degree detection track should be less than 35 cm.
  5. The minimum radius of gyration. The horizontal test surface rotates 360 degrees in both directions, no more than 0.85 meters.
  6. Minimum commutation width. The minimum aisle width for a wheelchair to rotate 180 degrees at a time shall not be greater than 1.5 meters.
  7. The width, length, height of the seat, the height of the backrest, and the height of the armrests should be selected according to your own products.
  8. Other auxiliary components, such as the installation of anti-vibration devices, armrests and wheelchair tables, etc.

What are the best wheelchairs for sale?

Due to the decline in physical function of the elderly, it may lead to lower limb dysfunction and walking difficulties, which seriously affects the life and social activities of the elderly. Buying a wheelchair does not mean the higher the price, the more expensive the better, the most important thing is that it suits you. If you choose an inappropriate wheelchair, it will not only cause economic waste, but also harm your body.

Therefore, when choosing a wheelchair, you should choose a suitable wheelchair. Don’t pursue a certain performance too much, give full consideration to it. Wheelchairs for sale select Youjie Tech is your best choice.

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