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Guide to buying a wheelchair

Wheelchairs are mobility aids specially designed for people with reduced mobility. They can use wheelchairs to participate in social activities and help them exercise. Don't know how to buy a wheelchair? Look here, Youjie Tech will tell you!

We are wheelchair manufacturers. There are many types of production. According to different users, it can be divided into wheelchairs for the elderly and wheelchairs for the disabled.

According to different design principles, it can be divided into electric wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, sports wheelchairs and so on.

The price of wheelchairs also has a certain relationship with wheelchair manufacturers. When purchasing a wheelchair, you should not only pay attention to the function of the wheelchair, but also whether the width of the wheelchair is suitable for use. Let’s get to know it with Youjie Tech!

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1. How to choose the wheelchair size?

The wheelchair is composed of large and small parts such as large wheels, small wheels, hand wheels, tires, brakes, and seats. Due to the different functions required by wheelchair users, the size of the wheelchair is also different, and according to the different body types of adults and infants, it is also divided into infant wheelchairs and adult wheelchairs.

But basically, the total width of a general conventional wheelchair is 65cm, the total length is 104cm, and the seat height is 51cm. Choosing a wheelchair is also a very troublesome thing, but for the convenience and safety of use, it is still necessary to choose a suitable wheelchair. When buying a wheelchair, pay attention to the measurement of the seat width. A better width is when the user sits down. Increase the distance between the two hips or between the two strands by 5cm, that is, there is a gap of 2.5cm on each side after sitting down.

2. Classification of wheelchairs?

1. Electric wheelchair

There are different specifications for adults or children. Its weight is approximately twice that of a standard wheelchair. To meet the needs of people with varying degrees of disease. There are many different control methods for electric wheelchairs. For those who have certain impairments in hand or forearm functions, electric wheelchairs that can be operated by hands or forearms can be selected. The buttons or rockers of this kind of wheelchair are very sensitive and can be operated with a light touch of a finger or forearm. The speed of the vehicle is close to the walking speed of a normal person, and it can climb 6-8 slopes. For patients with complete loss of hand and forearm function, an electric wheelchair for mandibular massage can be provided. Nowadays, more and more electric wheelchairs are controlled by breathing and eyes, further expanding the scope of application of wheelchairs. Many patients dare not imagine that they can get rid of the high cervical spine injury that is bedridden for life, and can achieve a certain degree of freedom of movement.

2. Manual wheelchair

Manual wheelchairs are relatively cheap, so manual wheelchairs are still the main force in the market. Compared with electric wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs are not only more affordable, but also suitable for people with strong self-care and mobility. What are the structural components of a manual wheelchair? Manual wheelchairs are generally composed of seven parts: pusher, wheelchair frame, wheels, brake device, anti-fall device, seat back and foot pedal.

3. Folding wheelchair

Folding wheelchairs are also a type of wheelchair. It can be put away when not in use, which saves space and is very convenient to use. Generally, a folding wheelchair is squeezed inward from both sides, and then the wheelchair cushion is compressed to achieve the purpose of folding. Folding wheelchairs are more suitable to be carried out, and also very suitable to be placed at home, but the comfort may be reduced.

4. Sports wheelchair

Sports wheelchairs are a type of wheelchair. Sports wheelchairs are different from ordinary wheelchairs. They have the characteristics of lighter weight, better flexibility, collision resistance, and shock absorption. Compared with ordinary wheelchairs, sports wheelchairs are faster and can also be accelerated by certain manipulation techniques. They are often used as tools for wheelchair fencing, wheelchair marathon and wheelchair basketball.

3. What are the wheelchair accessories?

1. Big wheels

Bear the main weight. The diameter of the wheels is 51, 56, 61, 66 cm. Except for a few use environment requirements and solid tires, most of them use pneumatic tires.

2. Small wheels

There are several kinds of diameters of 12, 15, 18, 20cm. Small wheels with large diameters can easily overcome small obstacles and special carpets. However, the larger diameter makes the entire wheelchair take up more space and is inconvenient to move. The normal small wheel is before the big wheel, but in wheelchairs used by patients with lower limb paraplegia, the small wheel is often placed behind the big wheel. It should be noted that the direction of the small wheel should be perpendicular to the big wheel during operation, otherwise it may fall over.

4. Tires

There are three types: solid, inflatable tube and tubeless inflatable tube. The solid type walks faster on flat ground, is not easy to puncture, and is easy to push, but it vibrates more on uneven roads, and it is not easy to pull out when stuck in a groove as wide as a tire; with a pneumatic inner tube, it is difficult to push Easy, but the vibration is smaller than the solid type; the tubeless inflatable type will not be punctured because of the inner tube, and the inside is also inflated. It’s comfortable to sit up, but it’s harder to push up than the physical style.

5. Brakes

Each wheel of the big wheels should have brakes. Of course, when a person with hemiplegia can only use one hand, he must use one hand to brake, but extension rods can also be added to control the brakes on both sides.

4. How to choose a wheelchair?

1. The height of the pedal

The footrest should be at least 5 cm above the ground. If it is a footrest that can be adjusted up and down, it is recommended to adjust the footrest so that the 4 cm of the front bottom of the thigh does not touch the seat cushion after the elderly sit down.

2. Armrest height

The height of the armrest should make the elbow joint of the elderly bend 90 degrees after sitting down, and then go up 2.5 cm. If the armrests are too high, the shoulders are prone to fatigue, and it is easy to cause skin abrasions on the upper arm when pushing the wheelchair. If the armrest is too low, pushing the wheelchair will easily cause the upper arm to lean forward, causing the body to lean out of the wheelchair. Operating the wheelchair in a forward leaning position for a long time may cause spine deformation, chest compression, and difficulty breathing.

How to choose wheelchair manufacturers in china?

With the development of China’s foreign trade economy, the proportion of wheelchair exports is increasing. If you are a small and medium-sized enterprise importing wheelchairs, Youjie Tech is your best choice. We will provide customized solutions according to your needs. Choosing a wheelchair manufacturers that suits you is the most important thing.

We are an influential wheelchair manufacturers in China. If you need information on wheelchair bidding, please contact us and we will quote you for free.


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