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How to choose an anti-decubitus air mattress for bedridden elderly?

The formation of bedsores is mainly caused by the continuous pressure on the skin for a long period of time, and the local blood supply is poor causing tissue ischemic damage, ulceration, and even necrosis.
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Some patients who need to be bedridden for a long time, in addition to physical illness, will often face a very headache, that is, bedsores.

If not properly prevented, bedsores can become more and more serious and can even endanger the life of the patient. In order to prevent bedsores, caregivers have to turn the patient 24/7, often investing a lot of time and energy, but sometimes the results are not ideal. So what information should I pay attention to when choosing a decubitus ulcer?

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1, the first should look at the material of the air mattress, at present, the type of air mattress is more, and the quality of these products is also interspersed, should have to choose the use of medical-grade PVC or CPU material a mattress.

2, the second is to see the effect of fluctuations in the seven points. Anti-decubitus inflatable mattress, the reason to prevent decubitus ulcers, is because it can make the gas circulate between the various parts of the mattress, just like the waves rise and fall of a role can avoid the continuous pressure on some parts of the body, will promote blood circulation, so as to be able to achieve some of the effects of preventing decubitus ulcers.

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3, three is to choose the noise of the air pump, is due to the fluctuations of the air mattress, due to the air pump to promote, the size of the air pump noise will affect the mood, different manufacturers of air pump noise difference is also very big, so should not figure cheap to buy products, after all, a penny for every price, when choosing should choose the air pump, cartridge, the noise is relatively small.


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