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How should we choose hospital nursing beds

The elderly occupies a large core position in society. Our young people should spend more time focusing on their lives to make their old lives more exciting. Now, the medical problem of the elderly has gradually become a concern of everyone. If an elderly person is paralyzed in bed at home, it will increase people's psychological pressure. However, for the health of the elderly, more and more people choose hospital nursing beds, so how do we choose hospital beds correctly? How about a good nursing bed?
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Due to the long-term inability to exercise, the elderly who are paralyzed will be very uncomfortable. Therefore, when choosing a nursing bed, we try to choose a nursing bed that can be massaged. First of all, elderly people who are paralyzed in bed for a long time will feel general discomfort. At this time, a good nursing bed can help the patient massage and beat the back, reduce the numbness of the whole body, thereby improving the patient’s blood circulation and promoting the intestines and stomach. squirming.

When buying a nursing bed, you must pay attention to the quality of the nursing bed, which cannot be ignored. Pay attention to the safety and practicality of hospital nursing beds when buying. Those patients who have been bedridden for a long time make us have higher requirements for the safety and firmness of nursing beds. When purchasing, we must carefully check the safety of the nursing bed.

The electric nursing bed is suitable for patients who are paralyzed in bed for a long time. The electric nursing bed greatly reduces the burden on nursing staff and family members, and enables patients to perform surgery slowly by themselves to enhance their self-confidence in life.

Third, for severely paralyzed patients, it is necessary to choose a nursing bed with a flip function and a special anti-bedsore cushion to protect the patient from torture. Hospital nursing beds should also be equipped with devices for going to the toilet, washing hair and feet. Ensure the cleanliness of the patient.

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What is the best hospital nursing beds for home use?

The family hospital bed is designed according to the patient’s treatment needs and bedridden living habits, and is designed with the family as a treatment and nursing place, which is conducive to helping the patient to recover and can meet the various needs of treatment, rehabilitation and nursing. Patients who need rehabilitation treatment or rehabilitation at home.

1.The guardrail of the hospital bed can be adjusted. It can be upright and put down. Then it is easy and convenient to move the elderly and patients.
2.The Casters are quiet and smooth, which makes the hospital bed can be used in the ambulance. Also, you can easily break it with your feet.

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