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How to choose the electric massager ?

The massager is a kind of health care product, which achieves the purpose of medical care and sports health care by massaging the whole body or a part of the human body. Massagers can be divided into manual, electric and infrared massagers.
Back Massage Pain Relief in china

Most massage equipment on the market is divided into two types. One is an artificial physical massage, also known as a kneading massager, which uses the physical movement of the equipment to imitate artificial massage to achieve the effect of relaxing muscles; the other is a pulse massager, which uses electrodes to conduct pulse currents to stimulate the muscles and relax the muscles .

Generally speaking, kneading massagers are bulky and inconvenient to carry, and are mainly used at home; while pulse massagers are lighter in weight, convenient to wear and easy to carry. Therefore, generally young people prefer pulse massage machines, while elderly people such as middle-aged and elderly people prefer kneading massage machines.

Massager manufacturer produce a variety of massage devices, such as cervical massager, waist massager, knee massager, leg massager, foot massager, etc. You can choose the right massager according to your own situation. Here are some recommended massagers that are suitable for relaxing at home or when going out.

1. Leg Massager

Leg Massager

For ladies who love beauty, especially the legs and feet are prone to swelling. There are also women who consider regaining their perfect body shape after childbirth. This is a good gift from a husband or boyfriend to TA.

2. Abdominal Massage

Abdominal Massage

You can choose different strengths, no matter there is no pressure on the waist, you can find the comfortable strength for your waist in different gears. It also supports hot compresses, which is suitable for working overtime at night when the air conditioner is turned on. Never worry about cold waist anymore.

3. Cervical Vertebra Massager

Cervical Vertebra Massager

With physiotherapy function, it can be used for joint discomfort except shoulder, neck, back and legs. Don’t look at it small, his massage is still very powerful!
If you usually have limited time and physical strength and cannot fully achieve regular exercise and are in a sub-healthy state, then buying a suitable massager to maintain your body and prevent the deterioration of your condition is an effective, time-saving and labor-saving method.

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Youjie Tech

Youjie Tech

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