What are the criteria for choosing an elderly wheelchair scooter?

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For the elderly with lower limb fractures and the infirm who need to temporarily use a wheelchair, such as paralyzed, stroke, amputee, and infirm, wheelchairs are like their feet and are an important tool for improving life, independence, employment and return to society.
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The emergence of electric wheelchair scooter provides great convenience to the elderly and the disabled. The elderly can take electric wheelchairs, and the adult scooters can go where they want to go. They are no longer empty nests, which breaks the inconvenience to them. Everyone knows that what suits you is the best. So the question is, what should I pay attention to when choosing an elderly wheelchair scooter?

1.Use the object.

All the items we buy in life are for convenience. Electric wheelchairs are generally used by elderly people who have hidden dangers of inconvenience. Therefore, in use, the car must not only be able to retreat back and forth but also must be careful and careful in terms of safety.

2. The speed of the wheelchair scooter.

Whether it is an electric wheelchair or a scooter for the elderly, the speed cannot be too fast or too slow. Too fast is most likely to cause accidents. It doesn’t matter if the car is broken, but the body is the most important thing. The slow speed of the vehicle may cause congestion, so the speed of the vehicle must be stable so that the elderly can adapt quickly and operate freely.

3. The brakes must be flexible.

The response consciousness of the elderly is naturally not as good as that of the young, so after pressing the brake button, they must be quick and flexible. It must be convenient for the elderly to use.

4. Ability to overcome obstacles.

Electric wheelchairs are suitable for walking in a small range. The elderly scooter has a larger range and stronger ability to overcome obstacles. Both can move freely at a certain slope. If you need to travel far, you can consider an elderly wheelchair scooter.

5. Battery quality.

This is also very important. Poor battery quality will result in insufficient battery life and shortened service life. Youjie suggested that you can consider a lithium battery scooter or wheelchair with a good battery pack when purchasing. In this way, there is no need to worry about the trouble of changing the battery.

Why choose Youjie’s elderly wheelchair scooter?

Youjie specializes in the R&D and the production of high-end medical equipment. It produces and sells various electric wheelchairs, scooters, and manual wheelchairs. It is one of the top ten wheelchair brands in China.

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