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What should I look for when choosing nursing beds for the elderly?

Generally speaking, common hospital beds on the market are divided into two types: medical and household. Medical beds are used by medical institutions, while family beds are used by families. Nowadays, science and technology are advancing by leaps and bounds, and the functions of medical beds are increasing and the speed is getting faster and faster. There are not only manual beds, but also electric beds.
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1. safe and stable

Nursing beds are mostly used for patients who have limited mobility and are bedridden for a long time. Therefore, this puts forward higher requirements on the safety of the hospital bed and its own stability. Only in this way can the safety of the nursing bed be guaranteed.

2. practicality

Nursing beds are divided into two types: electric and manual. Manual is more suitable for short-term care of patients and solves the problem of difficult care in a short time. Electric is suitable for families with long-term bedridden patients. Electric ones can not only reduce the burden on nursing staff and family members, but more importantly, patients can completely control the operation by themselves. This not only met my own needs, but also made my family feel more at ease.

3. price advantage

The electric nursing bed itself is more practical than the manual nursing bed, but its price is several times that of the manual nursing bed. Some families may not be able to afford it, so everyone needs to consider this factor when buying.

Precautions for using china nursing bed

  1. When using the left-right side-turning function of the nursing bed, the bed surface must be in a horizontal position; similarly, when using the backup function, the side bed surface must be lowered to a horizontal position.
  2. When using a sitting posture to defecate, sitting in a wheelchair or washing feet, the back frame must be raised. Please note that the tripod should be raised to an appropriate height before this to prevent the patient from slipping.
  3. Do not drive on rugged roads, and do not park on sloping roads.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to sit on the foot of the nursing bed.
  5. It is forbidden to operate by children.

Maintenance of hospital bed

  1. Add a little lubricating oil to the screw nuts and pins of the nursing bed every year.
  2. Please check the uranium, screws and wires of each movable pin frequently to prevent loosening and falling off.
  3. Do not use force to operate the transmission parts such as the nursing bed screws. If there is a fault, please repair it and use it.
  4. The body of the nursing bed is sprayed with cold-rolled steel plate. Do not scratch the surface with hard materials. Do not use acid-base corrosive solvents for cleaning, just use a neutral detergent.

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