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6 Best Buy Electric Massager Ultimate Guide

With the increasing standard of living, electric massager once became the darling of the consumer market, becoming a powerful tool to improve the physical discomfort of millions of people. Massage originated in Chinese health care, is one of the ways to enhance body functions and improve a variety of muscle discomfort.
good electric massager

But today’s accelerated pace of life, to professional massage institutions, is obviously not possible. Therefore, the purchase of electric massager has become the ultimate choice for most families. But there are many types of the electric massager, the following points should be noted when buying.

I. Brand

The electric massager is good, many parts of the reason depend on the brand. Nowadays, consumption has shifted from emotional consumption to rational consumption. Consumers recognize the quality and function of the product and hope that the product is purchased in line with the provisions of long-term safe use. But consumers are not professionals, how do determine the product is good or bad? The brand is indeed a good reference factor. Consumers who have the will to buy electric massager may wish to go to the mall reference 3-5 more well-known brands and then choose the best.

II. Guarantee

Electrical products are more than one year warranty. Although different businesses in the policy will be tilted, for consumers, the electric massager is different from other products, it is easy to cause damage, so the more full coverage means the more beneficial to their own. In the purchase of an electric massager, you should ask the merchant how long the warranty period is, if the other party can provide extended warranty services, then you can choose completely.

III. Performance

Electric massager also has different specifications, in the purchase should be based on personal experience, do not simply rely on the price, without considering their actual needs.

Electric massager purchase knowledge said so much, I believe that the demand for friends must know how to buy electric massager.

massage tools

What are the recommended massage tools?

If you often exercise, massage is a great help to muscle recovery, so always have massage tools at home, massage after exercise. Don’t mention how comfortable it is!

If you also have the following problems, then really also need to be like me always have massage tools at home Oh ~

  • Every day at work to the computer, head down to play with the phone, strong vertebral pain!
  • Resume exercise after the holiday, muscle pain is more obvious.
  • I want to go to “massage”, but I often miss the appointment because I don’t have time and other factors.

I will introduce you to a few massage tools, they are natural techniques into the delicate equipment, the small portable massage tools into an extension of the hands, so that we can “massage” anywhere, anytime is no longer a problem.

massager tools youjie tech

These six favorite massage equipment for office workers, although small in stature, but can eliminate a fatigue and soreness, not only sedentary shoulder and neck fatigue, even fitness exercise muscle pain can also be solved (cost-effective).


Massage is becoming a healthy and trendy way of life. It helps stimulate and squeeze the return of lymphatic fluid, which filters out “junk” metabolites from the body’s bloodstream and helps the body repair quickly.


Neck Massager Youjie Tech
  • Keywords: electric, simple
  • Multi-functional massage techniques, multi-touch even power electric output, so that the numb skin is relaxed.
  • It is applied to the neck area of the body. The sore areas are relieved by the “electricity”, which makes people feel happy.


Back Massager Youjie Tech
  • Keywords: deep press, convenient, high value
  • Vibration massage soothes the lumbar muscles and uses graphene heating to relieve lumbar muscle strain.
  • Apply to the waist. Strength can be controlled by themselves to just right, sore experience after feeling really comfortable.


Knee Massager Youjie Tech
  • Keywords: 3D lap, wireless, convenient
  • The gospel of the old cold legs, do not worry about the thickness of the legs, sitting, standing, working can be used.
  • Far infrared heat generation and exotherm. Goes 3-5mm deep under the skin and reaches deep into the muscles. Can be used for knee joints and arms. Environmentally friendly and low consumption lithium battery with high capacity. Enjoy the wonderful experience brought by high technology.


Leg Massager Youjie Tech
  • Keywords: lightweight, high-tech, shape-shifting
  • Air wave massage technology, through the change of air pressure intensity, making the massage more accurate and scientific.
  • Relieve the syndrome of high heels and stretch in time after fitness workout. 360 degree full wrap. Can relax the muscles in the massage area, promote blood circulation.


Foot Massager Youjie Tech
  • Keywords: air pressure, acupuncture points, fashion
  • It is applied to the feet by acupressure to relieve muscle fatigue.
  • The design is ergonomically designed to imitate the manual pressing and pinching of acupuncture points. Foot roller scraping, soothe tight nerves.


Moxibustion Youjie Tech
  • Keywords: labor-saving, multi-part, smokeless moxibustion
  • ISuitable for all parts of the body, such as shoulders, neck, waist, back, etc. Reduce waiting time. Makes massage easier to operate.
  • A new era of health care, subtraction for moxibustion. One box of four, to meet the simultaneous use of multiple positions, comfortable and labor-saving to use. Use with moxa stickers to fully penetrate the shoulder and neck and effectively relieve soreness.

A full set of massage tools, you deserve a complete collection, self and send elders are suitable, cost-effective. Massage when you want to massage, anytime, anywhere.


Youjie Tech

Youjie Tech

Hello, I’m Youjie Tech, the author of this article. I have been running a medical device factory in China for 11 years and this article is intended to share medical knowledge with you. The view of Chinese suppliers.

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