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Electric wheelchair over the slope skills

Most of the people who buy electric wheelchairs are the elderly and disabled people with limited mobility, and they are very concerned about the safety factor of wheelchairs.
When traveling in a wheelchair, the most likely dangers you will encounter are toppling up and downhill and rolling over.
Today, Youjie Tech will analyze for you, what should you pay attention to when going up and down the slope of the electric wheelchair.
wheelchairs types

First of all, mid-to-high-end electric wheelchairs have perfect safety designs:

  • The motor is equipped with electromagnetic brakes to ensure that the slope does not slide.
  • The rear wheels have small wheels to prevent backward tilting. If the wheelchair is tilted backward, the small wheels will touch the ground to avoid danger.
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But when you travel, you are afraid of the unexpected, and you usually drive a wheelchair over a slope. What should you do to ensure safety to the greatest extent?

Why do wheelchairs overturn?

The wheelchair overturns up and down the slope, which involves the knowledge of mechanics in physics. A brief summary: the acceleration of the wheelchair, the angle of the slope, and the center of gravity of the wheelchair, together constitute the factors for the stability of the wheelchair on the slope.


First up is the formula:

a > g (cos(θ) ) * L / H – sin(θ) )

The greater the acceleration, the easier it is to overturn (the larger a, the greater the overturning moment)

The higher the angle, the easier it is to roll over (large θ)

The wheelchair is short in length and high in height (small L/H coefficient, easy to turn over)

To prevent rollovers, we can:

  • Learn to use the electric wheelchair correctly.
  • Choose a gentler slope.
  • Choose a safe and compliant electric wheelchair, and the center of gravity of the wheelchair is in the center or in front to reduce the chance of overturning.
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Wheelchair up and down slope skills

Generally, the slope of barrier-free facilities does not exceed 5°, and manual wheelchairs can easily pass through. But there are often more complicated situations in life, what should we do at this time?


Wheelchair Uphill

When going uphill, try to choose a flat, straight-down slope without turning. Do not carry too many heavy objects (such as backpacks, storage bags, etc.) on the back of the wheelchair. On steeper slopes, lean forward slightly to keep your center of gravity stable.


Wheelchair downhill

Check the road conditions for obstacles, adjust the speed to 1st gear, and when you feel that the car is accelerating too fast, you can let go and slow down.

When encountering a steep slope, lean back slightly to keep your center of gravity stable.

Knowing the cause of the rollover, we can know how to use the wheelchair correctly and avoid the risk of rollover.


Youjie Tech

Youjie Tech

Hello, I’m Youjie Tech, the author of this article. I have been running a medical device factory in China for 11 years and this article is intended to share medical knowledge with you. The view of Chinese suppliers.

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