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2022 Guide To Buying Medical Care Trolley?

In the medical field, designed to meet the emergency treatment work, can be placed in different types of emergency drugs, supplies and various types of emergency small equipment, medical cart has been playing a pivotal role.

1. look at the edge of the plate:

Good quality nursing carts are more delicate, lubricated, and feel better on top of the sealing, especially since the sealing line is straight and lubricated and very precise on top of the joint.

Some large medical care trolley manufacturers mainly use a linear edge sealing machine to complete the process of sealing, guillotine, trimming, chamfering, polishing, etc., so as to ensure a good and accurate scale.

While the workshop-style small factory is the choice of brush for glue but also uses manual pressure paste sealing, the next step is to use the wallpaper knife for trimming, the result and then use the manual polishing machine to polish, but because the pressure is not too uniform, so it will lead to many places are not solid, and even cause formaldehyde and other harmful substances evaporated into the air.

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2. look at the drawer slides:

Here is a very small detail, but it can affect the quality of the care car. Because the error in the hole and scale above is able to lead to a certain error in the scale of the device slide, it also causes the drawer to pull badly or left and right loose, so you need to pay special attention to the drawer gap has no uniformity and so on.

3. Configuration diversification:

Optional configuration of storage boxes, dirt buckets, infusion rack, sub-workstations, etc., the table surface can choose artificial stone or ABS material, and the number of drawers and depth configuration can be combined and installed according to user needs, to meet the hospital’s clinical care needs.

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What are the main structural features of the medical nursing trolley?

The nursing trolley is mainly used for daily nursing work, such as changing medicine, transporting reagents, lancing, examination, etc. All medical supplies needed can be placed on the trolley laminate, which is convenient for nursing staff to complete their work efficiently and save working time, which is beneficial to both patients and hospitals.

The nursing trolley has a variety of styles can be a variety of choices, commonly used for the double layer with guardrail with drawers trolley, both can be placed some valuable medical supplies, and in the push and pull also do not worry about the medical supplies slip, really safe and worry-free.

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Medical care trolley design is simple and generous, practical performance, the bottom casters use polyurethane material, wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, pushing and pulling super quiet, away from noise pollution, but also a quiet space in the hospital.

The medical nursing trolley is made of high-quality light alloy aluminum material welding, the thickness of its plate is not more than 1.0mm, and the surface of the electrostatic spraying.

The color of the medical nursing trolley and the ward environment should be consistent and harmonious; the drawer can be sprayed green or pink; the nursing trolley has four universal wheels, all using φ75 type polyurethane double bearings, and the casters are silent and anti-curling; the drawer guide uses high-quality silent telescopic guide, smooth surface, easy to draw and push; the body is installed with strong plastic anti-collision coefficient, the body can cushion the pressure when colliding and reduce the degree of damage To ensure the safety of goods and appliances.

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How to maintain an ABS medical trolley?

This maintenance method is always suitable for 2-3 weeks a cycle, daily maintenance with a cotton cloth and water scrub can be. Applicable to the maintenance of silent casters.

  1. Wet the soft cotton cloth with water and wring it until it is eight minutes dry.
  2. Scrub the fingerprints or other stains on the surface of the car body carefully.
  3. Take the cleaner and apply it to the cotton cloth, rubbing it evenly.
  4. Scrub the stained area with a cotton cloth until the stain is removed.
  5. Put the cotton cloth into the water and scrub to remove the detergent from the cloth.
  6. Wring it until it is eight minutes dry, until the residual part of cleaner on the surface of the car is wiped off.
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