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Top 5 Hospital Bed Brands Companies in China Manufacturer

As the quality of made in china continues to improve, the quality of the products is getting higher and higher. More and more countries are recognizing the made in china and buying them. China is affectionately known as the “factory of the world”. The price of the manufactured products is low and the quality is high, so many wholesalers start to choose Chinese manufacturers for cooperation.

Now that the world is aging, the demand for hospital beds has started to increase. Many suppliers will choose to work with Chinese manufacturers.

As there are many manufacturers of medical beds in china, how should we choose? Next Youjie Tech introduces you to the top 5 factories of hospital beds in china.

The following are the TOP 5 leading companies in hospital beds sales in China

1. Pukang Medical

  • Add: PuKang Medical is located in Baoding, Hebei. The company was founded in 1996.
  • Top Products: ICU Bed, Medical Nursing Beds, Medical Stretcher.
  • Distribution Market: Europe, North America, Central Asia.

Pukang Medical can be called the largest medical furniture manufacturer in China. It has strong technology in high-end ICU hospital beds. It also has an excellent performance in some international bidding. It also has a lot of technology, patents, and various qualifications.

PuKang Medical is an excellent hospital bed manufacturer. However, their products are not suitable for all purchasing managers. First, the product price point is high, which is not hard to understand. Second, their products have very long lead times, with an average of 10 cabinets per day waiting to be shipped. So it is not suitable for small to medium-sized purchasing managers.

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2. Hope-Full Medical

  • Add: Hope-Full Medical is located in Xianning, Hubei. The company was founded in 1999.
  • Top Products: ICU Bed, Electric Hospital Bed, Geriatric Nursing Bed.
  • Distribution Market: Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia.

Hope Full was founded in 1999 and has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. With 8 invention patents and more than 120 utility model and appearance patents, Hope-Full’s overseas sales model adopts an exclusive agent model. Their company has its own agents in Southeast Asia, which also shows that their products have good performance in the market competition.

Because of their agency model, many new medical equipment traders are unable to purchase their hospital beds. If you are a new medical equipment trader, this company may not be for you. If the number of hospital beds you need to buy is not very large, it is a good choice to contact the local agent of this company.

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3. Youjie Tech Medical

  • Add: Youjie Tech Medical is located in 66 Yuhua West Rd, Qiaoxi District, Shijiazhuang City,Hebei Province.
  • Top Products: Electric Hospital Bed, Manual Hospital Bed, Medical Trolley.
  • Distribution Market: Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia Market, Europe.

Yeah, here I would like to introduce our company, Youjie Tech Medical, which was established in 2005 with a factory in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province. Although we don’t have as much experience as Pukang and Hope-full in manufacturing hospital beds. However, we attach great importance to the technology, development, and performance of our products. Our hospital beds are particularly durable and we are at the forefront of the industry, especially when it comes to hospital bed panels. Our factory is adjacent to the largest steel factory in Hebei. The head, tail, and guardrail of the bed are mold resistant. Thicker steel is used and colors can be customized.

Regardless of the production process of hospital beds, we actively participate in tenders all over the world. If finding a hospital bed manufacturer with extensive bidding experience is important to you, this could be a good place to start. Youjie Tech Medical could be the perfect partner for you. We understand the tender expertise and the entire process to help you win the tender.

Manual Hospital Beds

4. JunYuan Medical

  • Add: JunYuan Medical is located in Hengshui, Hebei. The company was founded in 2013.
  • Top Products: Home Nursing Beds, Air Bed Mattress, Infusion rack.
  • Distribution Market: 30% Asia, 10% Europe.

This company was established in 2013. It has accumulated a lot of experience in modern manufacturing equipment and processes. There are complete welding production facilities and R&D staff. It performs well in the medical bed market in the country.

If you want to establish a retail business of medical beds, nursing beds, and parts in your own country, you can choose them. Because they have a lot of experience in the retail market.

General hospital beds

5. YongHui Medical

  • Add: YongHui Medical is located in Hengshui, Hebei. The company was founded in 2012.
  • Top Products: Home Care Bed, Manual Hospital Bed.
  • Distribution Market: Southeast Asia, Middle East, 20% overseas OEM.

YongHui Medical is a medical device manufacturer that develops, manufactures, and sells medical devices. Clearly, it does not have name recognition to match its strength. This is because it has a very high market share in China. They don’t put too much effort into foreign countries. It is in China and has partnerships with many nursing homes.

YongHui Medical’s home care beds have a high market share in Vietnam. Some trading companies in China will commission YongHui Medical to develop and manufacture their products. Therefore, if you are planning to prepare a nursing home or bid for a nursing home project, YongHui Medical can be your reference.

Final Reflections

From the 5 information told above, you can learn about some of the best hospital beds wholesalers in China and it is vital to see how their companies operate so that you can know where your needs can be adequately addressed and met.

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Hospital Bed Dimensions?

1. Medical hospital bed size:

The basic size of the medical hospital bed, the length of the bed should be 1900~2000mm, the width of the bed should be 900~1000mm, and the height of the bed rail should be not less than 350mm and the length not less than 800mm.

2. Medical hospital bed classification:

According to the bed drive can be divided into a hand-crank hospital bed and electric hospital bed, compared to manual, electric hospital bed remote control a key operation, the practicality will be longer.

According to the bed type of hospital beds can be divided into flatbeds, two-fold hospital beds, three-fold hospital beds. The bed surface is made of steel plate, steel plate, steel wire, galvanized iron wire, wooden board, wooden slats, and other materials.

3. Technical requirements for medical hospital beds:

The appearance of the bed should be neat. The surface should not have sharp edges, burrs, scars, and other defects, and the weld seam of the bed should be uniform, there should be no burn, cold crack, leakage of welding, and other defects, the bed should be steel plate, steel plate, steel wire, galvanized wire, wood, wood slats and other materials enough to become. To ensure that the bed is strong enough, not easy to collapse, to prevent secondary injuries to patients.


Youjie Tech

Youjie Tech

Hello, I’m Youjie Tech, the author of this article. I have been running a medical device factory in China for 11 years and this article is intended to share medical knowledge with you. The view of Chinese suppliers.

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