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Maintenance Of Electric Mobility Scooters For The Elderly

The safety performance of electric scooters comes first. When buying an mobility scooter, you must go to a professional place to buy a professional electric scooter for the elderly. It is very important to choose regular products and conscientious professional sellers.
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Few elderly scooters need maintenance, and the following areas must be inspected and maintained regularly:

1. Battery electrode connection

  • Ensure that the electrode connection is firm and free of corrosion.
  • The battery must be placed flat in the battery box.

2. Wire connector

  • Regularly check all wire connections.
  • Regularly check the insulation of all wires, including the charger power plug.
  • Repair or replace damaged connectors.

3. ABS plastic shell

  • The control panel, front cover, pedal, rear shell, etc. are all made of durable ABS plastic, and the surface has been painted. When wiping the car, do not use oil or other chemical liquids. Do not rinse directly with a tap to avoid damaging the electronic components.

4. Scooter bearings and electric motors

  • The components have been lubricated and used in a sealed enclosure, no need to refill grease.
  • Prevent all electronic parts from getting wet. Such as control panel, charger, electrical controller, etc.
  • If some components are wet, they must be dried before use.

How to take care of elderly scooter?

1. Battery failure

Sometimes, some electrical failures occur during the use of the elderly scooter. In most cases, elderly scooter users can solve it by themselves. The main reason may be: the battery is not fully charged or performance is degraded.

  • Check the power switch.
  • Check whether the battery is fully charged.
  • The battery is low, please increase the number of recharges.
  • If it continues to happen, a battery capacity test must be performed.

2. Stop while the electric scooter is driving

  • The battery cable is loose.
  • The carbon brush of the motor is damaged.

3. Suddenly slow down when walking

  • The battery is low.
  • The battery is aging.

How To Choose Electric Scooter Manufacturer?

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Youjie Tech

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