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Maintenance Of Manual Wheelchair

1. When cleaning the wheelchair, use a professional cleaning agent (soapy water can also be used) to clean and dry it.

2. When cleaning the cushion, the cushion filling (such as sponge) needs to be pulled out from the seat cover and cleaned separately. The cushion filling (such as sponge) should be placed in a dark place to dry and avoid direct sunlight.

3. After cleaning and drying the wheelchair, use professional lubricating oil to lubricate all moving parts bearings, connectors, moving parts, etc.

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4. Inflating with an air cylinder can increase the pressure of the tire, and deflation through the valve can reduce the pressure of the tire.

5. Check the pressure according to the tire pressure marked on the surface of the tire or press the tire with your thumb. It should be ensured that the pressure of each tire is the same, and the normal tire pressure is that the tire is slightly sunken by about 5mm.

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6. Check whether the bolts or nuts on the wheelchair are tight enough. Tighten loose bolts or nuts with a wrench to secure the wheelchair.

7. When squeezing two adjacent spokes with the thumb and index finger at the same time, if the degree of tightness is different, you need to use a spoke wrench to adjust it so that all spokes try to maintain the same degree of tightness. The spokes should not be too loose, so as to ensure that the spokes do not deform when they are gently squeezed.


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