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Material and Function Analysis of Wheelchair

Electric Wheelchair distributor

There are two main materials for wheelchairs: steel pipe and aluminum alloy

  • The steel pipe wheelchair weighs relatively heavily, about 15kg. The prices are basically within a thousand yuan, which is relatively low. It mainly uses pneumatic tires, which are suitable for people to push, and the price is relatively cheap.
  • The weight of the aluminum alloy wheelchair is about 5kg less than that of the steel pipe, and it will not rust. Both inflatable tires and solid tires are available, which are suitable for the elderly who can move with handwheels.

There are two main types of wheels: pneumatic tires and solid tires

  • Pneumatic tires have cushioning and shock absorption effects and they have a good sense of comfort, but they require frequent maintenance.
  • Electric wheelchairs mainly use solid tires, but the tires do not have the problem of air inflation and flat tires.

Controller: I think the most important thing about the controller is that the learning cost is low. The elderly must be able to operate easily. The second point is that the sensitivity should be high, and this point is also related to safety issues.

There are three main types of motors: brushed motor, brushless motor, and worm gear motor

  • Brushed motors regulate speed through voltage regulation, so they start and brake smoothly, and run smoothly at a constant speed. Higher noise.
  • The Brushless motor first turns AC into DC and then into AC, controls the speed through frequency change, and then runs with large vibration when starting or braking. Less noise.
  • The worm gear motor uses the speed converter of the gear to start or brake smoothly and run smoothly at a constant speed. Noise is minimal.

There are two main types of batteries: lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries

  • Lead-acid batteries are much larger in volume with the same capacity as lithium batteries. Lithium batteries require 2 kg and lead-acid batteries require 9 kg.
  • Moreover, with the same capacity, the range can be extended, and the performance of lead-acid batteries is not as good as that of lithium batteries. In summary, lithium batteries are more recommended.

Note: The specifications of the purchased wheelchair depend on the physical condition of the elderly. Before making a purchase decision based on the specific size information of the wheelchair provided by the merchant, it is necessary to understand the posture and physical condition of the elderly when using the wheelchair.


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Youjie Tech

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