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What factors affect the price of medical beds?

When we buy medical beds in the market, we will find that there are many types of beds, and there are some differences in the price tag, the price of medical beds are actually many factors, including the material, size, function, and brand and other factors.

I believe that many friends want to understand the specifics of the situation, to facilitate the purchase of a good idea, then these factors are how to affect the price of medical beds?

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(1) Material differentiation, here is not to say that the stainless steel material or ABS material, but the price of high-quality material and ordinary material, the price can vary from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. In fact, as a user, especially in hospitals, a hospital bed with ten years and with five years of use value and the final price of the product is completely different.

(2) The size of the hospital bed is also one of the factors affecting the price of the product, because the current market basically has a general hospital bed size, such as two meters long, and one meter wide, which is derived from the conclusion of the population data, more suitable for most people’s height and body width. If you want to customize the size, then the price will naturally be different from the original.

(3) The price of hospital beds is also a factor of function, the more features, the more expensive the price, and in the same function of the medical hospital bed price gap or focus on quality and after-sales service.

(4) For medical beds, for example, the entire product in addition to the large components of ABS materials, some are the choice of ordinary ABS materials, and the choice of pure ABS material quality is naturally completely different. In addition to the large components, including electronic accessories, motor parts, casters, and other material choices are also can affect the price of the product.

(5) Later said as the manufacturer of the after-sales service, which is very concerned about all customers, good after-sales service, the price of the product in place naturally will not be the price of stall goods.

Now the function of medical beds than in the past a lot more, not only from the pursuit of quality of life but also from the development of science and technology, more functions on the market have reached eight functions, especially the ICU hospital beds are more functions. These functions are specifically the functions that can be achieved, such as seven functions is to be able to achieve seven functions, such as the overall lift, back elevation, leg elevation, head high foot low, foot high head low, state memory, and back fast reset.

At present, there are various types of medical beds on the market. When choosing, you should not blindly focus on the price. It is good to choose the one that suits you. In addition, you must learn the various functions of the hospital bed when using it to ensure that there are no mistakes in operation, so that the equipment can play its due role.

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Youjie Tech

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