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Best Medical Trolley Manufacturer In China

Nowadays, there are many styles of multifunctional medical trolleys, but if they are different, you should still choose the multifunctional medical trolleys of Youjie Tech. It not only has a stylish and fashionable appearance, but also has exquisite color and texture touch. It can add a different style to the overall medical treatment.

The multifunctional medical trolley unknowingly highlights the extraordinary taste of medical supplies during the execution, making the nurses look more gentle and generous, and at the same time blooming with a soft light.

Youjie Tech medical trolley supplier china

After ten years of development, Youjie Tech has become a well-known medical trolley manufacturer. If you are looking for a medical trolleys manufacturer from China, then we must not be ignored.

Youjie Tech main business: medicine trolley, emergency trolley, anesthesia trolley, treatment trolley, appliances trolley, waste trolley, asepsis trolley, etc. Get the goods directly at the factory price, welcome to consult us.

1.Infusion Trolley

Youjie Tech ABS infusion cart is a kind of infusion trolley that is worthy of being used by doctors and nurses; ABS infusion trolley is from detail quality to experience effect, pure color, safe and caring, it is a rare infusion cart style for nurses; new ABS infusion cart collects infusion and treatment In one, it can be described as a multi-functional combination. With its powerful functions, the ABS infusion trolley has turned the tide in the medical industry and improved the work efficiency of nurses.

  1. This multifunctional infusion cart is of high quality. The infusion cart is made of steel and plastic with molds. The appearance is exquisite, the structure is reasonable, and the cleaning is convenient.
  2. The infusion truck product provides a variety of structural configuration options to choose from, which is flexible to move, easy to operate, and sturdy and durable.
  3. Use medical silent casters to prevent entanglement.

2.Emergency Trolley

An ABS emergency trolley from Youjie Tech uses multi-layer drawers, high-quality materials, and a reasonable combination to create the versatility of an ABS emergency cart. The quality and quantity ABS emergency trolley makes medical treatment lighter and faster. Effectiveness, stability and overall feeling improved. ABS emergency cart realizes multi-effect use in small and medium hospitals, leading the rescue trolley industry.

  1. The main body is made of ABS engineering plastics, aluminum alloy frame structure.
  2. The drawer USES gold plastic ABS material modular design,steel structure collision with soft PVC package.

3.Treatment Trolley

With the rapid development of the medical device industry and the continuous improvement of people’s medical needs, as the basis of the scientific supervision of medical devices, medical device standards have been elevated to an unprecedentedly important position.

A comprehensive treatment cart with super diverse functions created by Youjie Tech. Treatment trolley has a wide range of applications, only you can’t think of it, you can’t do it without him. The comprehensive treatment trolley is very convenient to use. Customers can choose “decorative” trolleys at will. Feel free to customize this benefit and let more people choose Youjie Tech.

  1. The main material USES gangsu, column, fence for imported stainless steel pipe.
  2. Hospital plastic double-barrel treatment trolley with drawers, Treatment trolley, thick ABS treatment trolley, multi-functional hospital treatment trolley.

4.Utility Trolley

Youjie Tech brand utility trolley, domineering application performance, high-quality utility trolley materials, and fresh collocation, make people shine; utility trolley has strong practicability and can be used in emergency rooms, operating rooms, ICU wards and other places; utility trolley Youjie Tech Produced, focusing on production, it is indeed the high-quality utility trolley in the utility cart, the utility trolley with connotation, of course, save trouble and worry.

  1. High-strength polyurethane thickened ABS engineering material. ABS engineering plastic injection molding, beautiful and exquisite appearance, sturdy and durable.
  2. Mainly composed of plastic and steel structure; four-column load-bearing column design, double-layer structure, convenient storage of goods and large space.
  3. 4-inch luxury silent casters, two of which have brakes.

5.Anesthesia Trolley

Youjie Tech anesthesia trolley is mainly used for anesthesia and other tasks, which can help nurses perform daily and reduce the workload of nurses; the affordable anesthesia trolley has strong load-bearing capacity, and the trolley structure is sturdy and reliable. It will not scratch even if heavy or sharp objects are placed. , So you can store things as you like.

  1. Multifunctional anesthesia cart is of high quality.
  2. The appearance is exquisite, the structure is reasonable, and the cleaning is convenient.

How To Choose Medical Trolley Manufacturer?

Youjie Tech has rich experience in cooperating with rehabilitation centers and hospitals and provides one-stop service. We can provide professional technical and product support according to your special requirements for product functions.

There is no minimum order quantity and regional restrictions. If you are a distributor of medical furnitures and are looking for a low-cost and cheap medical trolley manufacturer in China, then Youjie Tech is your best choice. Contact us now to get the latest catalog details.


Youjie Tech

Youjie Tech

Hello, I’m Youjie Tech, the author of this article. I have been running a medical device factory in China for 11 years and this article is intended to share medical knowledge with you. The view of Chinese suppliers.

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