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Medical ABS Nursing Trolley Features

With the increasing international status of China, more and more geographical areas are using medical devices made in China. As one of the major international exporters of medical devices, keeping up with the development of social economy, medical devices will also see new trends in the new situation.
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Features of medical ABS nursing trolley:

  1. Medical ABS nursing trolley body is mainly composed of aluminum, plastic, and steel structure, moving light and sensitive, novel planning, common beautiful shape.
  2. ABS molded tabletop, curved handrail, stainless steel three-sided guardrail hanging on the removable partition, can be placed sterilization solution cup, sand wheel cup, and other bottled objects.
  3. Medical care trolley is set up as a separating layer and can be placed in oral medicine, instruments, other items, etc.
  4. The cart is equipped with a dirt bucket to avoid infection after contacting dirt.
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Medical stainless steel nursing care trolley planning simple and generous, practical performance, the bottom casters using polyurethane raw materials, wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, pushing and pulling super quiet, away from noise pollution, but also a quiet space in the hospital.

The hospital nursing care treatment trolley is mostly made of stainless steel, which is convenient for daily finishing, disinfection, and corrosion resistance, rust prevention, especially suitable for use in the medical health environment, in line with the health requirements of the medical industry.

The nursing trolley has a variety of styles to choose from, commonly used for the double layer with guardrails with drawers trolley, both to place some valuable medical supplies, and push and pull without worrying about the medical supplies slip, truly safe and worry-free.


Youjie Tech

Youjie Tech

Hello, I’m Youjie Tech, the author of this article. I have been running a medical device factory in China for 11 years and this article is intended to share medical knowledge with you. The view of Chinese suppliers.

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