Abdominal Massage

  1. Graphene heating technology
  2. 360° waist strap massage
  3. Four massage modes
  4. Smart Controllor- Buletooth/Applet

Smart waist massager for pain releif.The waist abdomen is multi-purpose 3 times caress.

Two innovative technologies for smart abdominal massage

1. Artificial massagist airbag kneading, massage without irritation
The new generation of airbag massage technology and three-point dynamic airbags precisely focus on the waist and abdomen points to achieve the accuracy and comfort of a human-like hand massage. It can also quickly relieve waist and abdomen pain, with strong strength, and massage without irritation.

2. Graphene far-infrared heating, deep penetration, waist protection and uterus
Using graphene, a new material that won the Nobel Prize, infrared light penetrates the human body. The heat source goes directly to the depths of the waist and abdomen, quickly heating up, alleviating waist and abdomen pain, and warm care during special periods.
Smart waist abdomen massager

Self Abdominal Massage Advantage

1. Artificial Massagist Massage

  • Kneading abdomen — Kneading with three-point airbags relieves abdominal pain, speeds up gastrointestinal motility, improves metabolism, and improves skin dullness.
  • Waist massage — 3 levels of artificial hand massage to quickly relieve waist pain.
  • heated belly pad — 45-50℃ far-infrared heat compress, scientifically relieve aunt’s pain.

abdomen Massage airbag kneading
2. lightweight & portable
It’s about 300g, Take and enjoy it anywhere you want.
3. Electric & Cordless
Home, office, business trip, travel anytime, anywhere.
4. Smart Controllor- Buletooth/Applet
No need to download the mobile APP, the WeChat applet can be used quickly.
5. One-times for 7 days
1 full charge, 7 days available. Built-in 2350mAh lithium battery, compatible with type-c charger, 30 minutes of use per day, about 7 days of use.
6. 360° & Elastic, suitable for all people
Comfortable stretchable LYCRA belt with 100% recovery performance. The size is suitable for fat or thin, and can hold different body shapes.
kneading belly massager


Product name Smart waist & abdomen massager
Battery 2350mAh
Voltage 3.7V
Weight 300g
Color White, Pink

Why do you need a Self waist Abdominal massager?

This warm waist and abdomen massager can help you rub your abdomen, protect your waist, warm your palace, warm your abdomen, and relieve waist pain.

  • Poor skin color, slow body metabolism.
  • Sitting for 9 hours a day, waist and abdomen stiffness and pain.
  • The old man at home is suffering from old lumbar muscle strain.
  • Easy to be cold during Menstrual period.

heated Waist belly pad


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