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Adjustable Cervical Collar

  • Type: cervical collar
  • Size: Free size
  • Application: Neck support
  • Feature: Orthopedic Surgical Instruments
  • Function: Apply traction to painful neck muscles
  • Material: Rigid plastic,quality fabric with foam, steel screw

Prevention and adjuvant treatment of cervical spondylosis, cervical strain, and other cervical spine syndromes.
Cervical fracture fixation and cervical fixation during postoperative rehabilitation of the cervical spine.

Restricts excessive neck movement, relieves and improves the pressure state in the intervertebral space, and increases neck support.

Simple and easy to operate structure, lined with sponge cushion, the adjustable fit of the snap-on product to the chin, 7-position adjustment button, large opening design of the front piece, and natural ventilation hole design at the back.

Cervical Collar Neck Support
Wear Steps
1. Place the front piece of the cervical collar in front of the patient’s neck, adjust the button and height button of the cervical collar, so that the patient’s lower jaw is stably placed in the groove of the front piece of the cervical collar. Adjust till the patient is comfortable.

2. Place the back piece of the cervical collar on the back of the patient’s neck, fit the back of the patient’s neck, and overlap the front piece.

3. The back piece of the Velcro hook surface, and is fixed without affecting the patient’s breathing, and the wearing is completed.


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