Adjustable Office Lumbar Support

  1. Adjustable
  2. soft foam brace
  3. portable back brace
  4. lumbar muscles trainer

Lumbar Support Description

The healthy spine is the S curve. The cervical vertebrae are protruding, the thoracic vertebrae are kyphosis, and the lumbar vertebrae are protruding. Then the spine can serve you properly and healthily.

Lumbar Muscle Strain Relief Portable

But when we are sitting, the back will involuntarily move forward, making the spine deformed. At this point, the force of the lumbar vertebrae is 250% of the weight, 1.67 times of sitting straight. Thus, the lumbar is injured.
The sitting back brace is designed to pull the lower back forward with the knee straps, support the lower back and relieve pains during sitting. When the knees pulling the straps, the sitting posture corrector brace helps to correct the spine posture and reduce the harm to the body caused by bad sitting posture.

Lumbar Support belt role

Sitting back support can help to train the lumbar muscles. Long-term use of the lumbar muscles and incorrect posture can easily cause lumbar muscle strain. And the lumbar muscle strain can be relieved by massage, physical therapy, exercise therapy and muscle training.

OEM Service Sitting Posture Corrector Portable Soft

Advantages of Back Brace Support

The sitting back brace can be folded into a bag, which makes it portable and easy to take. You can put it in the bag, then enjoy it in the office, zoo, coffee, airplane, metro, school, or at home. Also, you can give it as a present for your friends and parents to support the lower back, relieve lower back pain when sitting, and train lumbar muscles.
The sitting back brace is made of high-quality foam, which is high-density and good rebound. The foam makes the back brace comfortable, durable, and no harm to lower back when using.


Lumbar Back Braces


Sitting posture corrector, Correct posture, muscle training


Foam, nylon. oxford


F: 20*6*23cm; L: 25*6*30 cm



Model Number


Protection class

Basic Protection

Size of back pad

F: 46cm, L: 60 cm

Applicable People


Length of knee strap



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