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Adults Hernia Belt

  • Color: Gray
  • Size: Adult Free Size
  • OEM&ODM: Acceptable
  • Material: Composite Cloth
  • Function: control and treat the indirect inguinal hernia

What is Hernia Belt?

The hernia belt is a medical device for the clinical conservative treatment of hernia patients, mostly used for children up to two years old and those who are too physically weak to undergo hernia surgery. It mainly consists of a belt girdle as well as a medicine pack.


1. The side pad makes it more comfortable.

2. Ergonomic design, traceless choke proof.

3. Prevention and adjuvant suppression of hernia.

4. Breathable mesh cloth makes the products softer.

5. The front part makes the patient feel comfortable.

6. Improve internal microcirculation and accelerate hernia ring closure.

7. Health care, enhance physical fitness, enhance nutrition absorption.

8. Breathable and skin-friendly fabric, it’s not stuffy and hot to wear in summer.

9. Avoid sensitive parts and do not hurt the skin.

Hernia belt show


1. The Advantage of Our Hernia Belt:
Unlike hernia panties, hernias can be used on both rights and left hernias.

2. Double Lateral Hernia:
Specially designed to target hernia pain and facilitate the treatment process, by Wearing the hernia support belt to add gentle compression to the affected area, aid in recovery, and reduce discomfort.

3. Adjustable to Perfect Size:
The shoulder straps are adjustable to fit the perfect size.

Wearing Method:

Hernia Belt Wearing Method1

Hernia Belt Wearing Method2

1. Check the contact area between the affected area and the elastic band daily to avoid skin abrasions.

2. Avoid heavy physical work, strenuous exercise, and other actions that enhance abdominal pressure during treatment. Foods that cause constipation and abdominal distension should not be consumed. If you have diseases that increase abdominal pressure, such as coughing and asthma, ascites, lung infection, prostate hypertrophy, etc., they should be treated promptly. (Minimize repeated prolapse of the hernia during treatment. If the hernia comes out frequently, the elasticity of the hernia belt and the position of the hernia pack should be adjusted promptly.)


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