Air Compression Knee Massager

  • Type: Knee Massager
  • Function: Wireless
  • Voltage: DC5V
  • Power: 10W
  • Operating Time: 10 min/15 min
  • Massage Techniques: Kneading, airbag pressure, imitation manual kneading, multi-grade beating, beating and kneading in one

Knee Massager Video

  • Relaxes the leg muscles
  • Automatic air wave massage
  • Three levels of air pressure kneading
  • More comfortable than a real massage

NTC intelligent temperature control system, warmth evenly penetrates muscles and joints. Warmly parents tormented by cold legs/sour muscles.

1. 360 Degree Care For Knees

  • 360° three-part package(Thigh/Knee/Calf)
  • 360° Surrounding Heat Compress Heat Penetrates Deep Into The Joints.
  • Gentle heat conduction technology, warmth evenly penetrates muscles and joints.
  • Warming parents tormented by cold legs/sore muscles.

2. 3D Wrap-Around Massage Relieve Knee Stress

  • Brand new real kneading full wrapping of knee and legs.
  • Wrap around to cover more acupuncture points, release pressure and stimulate knee vitality.
  • The knee and leg are integrated and fully wrapped, and synchronized maintenance is more comfortable.

Air Compression Knee Massager5

3. Multi-frequency Vibration Drives Away Soreness

  • Multi-frequency Vibration Massage, Fully Release Knee Pressure.
  • Three levels of strength, adapt to different groups of people. (daily relaxation/deep relief/awaken vitality)

4. Wireless Portable Designs, Lie Down, Press Anytime, Anywhere

  • Three-speed vibration
  • Three-speed air pressure kneading
  • Three temperature settings
  • Two-timing
  • One button pause
  • Type-C Charging port

5. Multifunctional Knee Massager

  • Low 42℃
    Suitable for young people with sensitive skin.
  • Middle 48℃
    Suitable for warming and relaxing stiff joints.
  • High 55℃
    Suitable for middle-aged and elderly people with poor temperature perception.

Air Compression Knee Massager6
6. Warm Fit Take Care Of Knee Health

  • Hot massage
  • Relieve soreness
  • Hot compress joint
  • Repel the cold and warm the knees
  • Beautiful legs to reduce swelling

Air Compression Knee Massager7

Air Compression Knee Massager9


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