Air Pressure Leg Massager

  1. 360° wrap
  2. Deep relaxation
  3. Adjustable level
  4. Thermal Therapy
  5. Pressure Massage

Air Pressure Leg Massager Show

The leg massager can offer extra vertical and horizontal pressure. And the horizontal pressure is a gradient, which is smaller and smaller from the ankle to the leg. So, it can help the blood flow to the heart and relieve varicose veins pain. 

Product name Wireless Leg Massager
Color Gray
Size Free size
Material Linen, nylon, battery
Wire Wireless
Rated power 7.5 W
Rated voltage 5 V
Application Arm, calf, thigh
Using time 2-5 h
Feature Thermal, air-pressure, wireless, portable
Function Massage, relieve pains, theramal therapy
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Functions of Leg Massager

1.Pressure Massage
There are air bag in the compression massage. When it works, the massager regularly inflates and deflates to massage and relax the muscles on the arm, thigh, and leg.
Leg Massager Functions
2.Massage Calf
The massager belt can wrap arm, thigh, or leg. And there are three massage modes and 2 massage levels to meet your demand. You can choose different massage modes and different massage intensities to relieve muscle tension and fatigue.
Massage calf
3.Thermal Leg Massager
The calf leg massager provides thermal-massage to your arm, thigh, or calf. Also, there are 2 levels to control the temperature to warm the calf, relieve pains, and speed up blood circulation to reduce the risk of vaircose veins. The temperaure is 38-45℃, and you can choose the better one to meet your demand.

4.Enjoy The Massager

The massager is wireless, lightweight and portable. You can take and enjoy them when you are woirking, watching TV, surfing the internet, or after sports. To give a massge to calf, thigh or arm.
Relax calf Relieve fatigue
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Linen, nylon, battery


Thermal, pressure, relieve pains

Wear time

Working, home, after sports

Rated power


Working time

2-5 h

Massage part

Arm, calf, thigh

Rated voltage

5 V

Model Number


After-sale Service

Free spare parts


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