Aluminum Alloy Electric Wheelchair YJEW061

  1. Frame: Aluminum alloy frame
  2. Lightweight: 26kg+3kg(Battery)
  3. Battery: 6.6*2Ah / 12Ah / 20Ah (Lithium battery)
  4. Max loading: 150kg
  5. Manual/power mode switch

Aluminum Alloy Electric Wheelchair Supplier from China

Aluminum alloy electric wheelchair is a kind of wheelchair with aluminum alloy as the main material, which has the characteristics of lightness, durability, beauty, comfort, and easy maintenance. Aluminum alloy wheelchairs are relatively light in weight, which is convenient for patients to move autonomously or carry them with them, so they are very popular in the market.

Features of Aluminum Alloy Electric Wheelchair

1. Lightweight design: The weight of aluminum alloy wheelchairs is relatively light, which is convenient for patients to move autonomously or for others to carry, and reduces the workload of caregivers.
2. High strength and stiffness: Aluminum wheelchairs have high strength and stiffness, which can provide better support and comfort, and are not easy to deform and damage.
3. Corrosion resistance: The surface of the aluminum alloy wheelchair has been treated with a special process, which has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and can maintain its aesthetic appearance for a long time.
4. Comfort: The seats and backrests of aluminum alloy wheelchairs are usually ergonomically designed and equipped with soft seat cushions and back cushions to provide good sitting support and comfort.

Product Parameters

Item Aluminium alloy electric wheelchair
Expanding size 1100*630*960 mm
Folding Size 370*630*750 mm
Base width 450mm
The Motor Power 24V DC250W*2
Battery Type 6.6*2 Ah / 12AH/20AH lithium battery
Controller Intelligent Controller/360°
Max Load Weight 150KG
Range 10-20KM
Speed Per Hour 0-6KM(5 Gears)
The Vehicle Weight 26KG+3KG(Battery)
Climbing Ability ≤13°
The Front Wheel Size 8″(material:rubber)
The Rear Wheel Size 12″(material:pneumatic tire)
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