Aluminum Alloy Wheelchair

  1. take on the plane
  2. put into the trunk
  3. 360° joystick + button
  4. Brand Name:Youjie
  5. Waterproof

Details Of Aluminum Alloy Wheelchair

1.take on the plane and put into the trunk
The folding size is 740*600*400mm, which meets the size requirement of most airlines for electric wheelchairs. And the battery and quality of the wheelchair also meet the requirements. So, you can take it for airplane trip.
2.safely uphill
The electric wheelchair is with intelligent controller. And there is an electromagnetic brake system and anti-backforward-tipping wheels. Once the user’s hand leaves the controller, the wheelchair will automatically brake and stop smoothly,. And the anti-backforward-tipping wheels will ensure the safety of the user, especially when climbing.
Aluminum Alloy Wheelchair electromagnetic brakewheelchair anti backward tipping wheel

Product Parameters

Main material Aluminum alloy
Size (Unfold): 1100*630*960 mm
Size (fold): 740*600*400 mm
Weight: 26kg + 3kg(battery)
Front wheel: 8 inch, PU
Rear wheel: 12 inch, rubber
Controller: Intelligent controller / 360°
Max loading: 130 kg
Climbing ability: ≤15°
Max speed: 6 km/h (5 gears)
Max distance: 50 km
OEM/ODM: Welcome

Features of Aluminum Alloy Wheelchair

1.humanization design
The controller can be installed on the left or right to meet your demand. And the armrest is movable, which makes getting on and off the wheelchair more convenient.
2.comfortable driving
There is a shock-absorption design on the front wheels, which makes driving more stable on uneven roads, such as speed bump, metro gap, elevator gap, grassland, praving brick road, going uphill, countryside, etc.. And with the all-direction wheels, the wheelchair is easy to turn around and change the direction on your way.
Aluminum Alloy Wheelchair design
3.movable armrest
Convenient to get on and off the wheelchair.
4.easy to drive
This wheelchair is very easy to control.It has 360°joystick+button; One-key switch; Speed; Horn; The console is waterproof.
Aluminum Alloy Wheelchair controller


Yellow, white


Brush, 24V DC 250W*2


1piece (not fit for airplane); 2 pieces (fit for airplane)

Product name

Airplane trunk electric wheelchair

Model Number



Hebei, China

Warranty period

5 years


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