Anti Decubitus Mattress

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Who needs Anti Decubitus Mattress

1. The elderly and those who are bedridden for a long time.
2. Anyone who has little activity due to other reasons and stays in bed for a long time.
3. Suitable for patients with paralysis, burns, fracture traction, internal medicine, surgery, postoperative care, long-term bedsores and bedsores.

Function of Anti Decubitus Mattress

1. Alternate fluctuations
The air chambers alternately fluctuate to provide patients with uninterrupted massage, promote blood circulation, effectively improve hypoxia and prevent bedsores caused by local tissues that have not been ventilated for a long time.
2. Microporous air jet
There are many air nozzles on the surface of the air cushion, which are used to spray airflow to maintain good air circulation in the pressured parts of the patient’s body and keep the skin dry.
3. Ultra silent
The air pump is controlled by a microcomputer, and the inflation speed can be adjusted to three gears, and the number of gears can be used at will.
4. High quality PVC fabric
The medical grade PVC fabric is strong and durable, with good waterproof and breathable function.
5. Separable air exchange
Each airbag can be withdrawn and replaced individually.
anti decubitus fine bubble mattress

Technical Specification

Name Anti-decubitus air cushion
Model Ordinary
Material PVC
Size 2000*900mm
Scope of application long-term bedridden patients
Air pump features silent sleep


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