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Specializing in the research and development and production of high-quality electric wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs and other rehabilitation products, with excellent design, attention to detail, and quality.

How to choose a wheelchairs supplier?

If you are a wheelchair distributor and want to import some wheelchairs. We will consider some issues, such as product prices, import and export services, after-sales and a series of issues.
In view of these aspects, Youjie Technology will explain to you why you should choose us when buying a wheelchair. First of all, we are a wheelchairs supplier, with our own factory, you can enjoy the factory price, and you can also customize the wheelchair; secondly, we have a complete foreign trade system that can help you solve the difficulties in the import and export of wheelchairs. Finally, our products have guaranteed service and solve your problems for free.

Technical Parameters

Product Name Electric Wheelchair(blue)
Seat width 460 mm
Overall width 655 mm
Rear wheel diameter 16 inch
Front wheel diameter 10 inch
Seat height 480 mm
Overall length 1175 mm
Overall height 940 mm
Seat length 420 mm
Backrest height 460 mm
Max.loading 120 kg slope 8-15 °
Max.speed 6 KM/h
Max.driving range 28 km
Batteries 24V 12AH
Motor/Electro magnetic DC 250W*2
Max.Controller output power 50A
Net weight 45 kg
Charger Charging time DC 24V 1.8A 8-10h

Blue Electric Wheelchair Advantage

  1. Smart controller, 360 degree rotation, easy to learn
  2. Dual motors, strong power, stronger climbing ability
  3. Double shock absorption design, travel more comfortable
  4. The whole vehicle can be folded and easily put into the trunk

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