Cervical Traction Massager

  • Origin: China
  • Application: Neck
  • Material: Composite Material
  • Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Cervical Traction Massager Show

15 minutes a day for you to have a healthy cervical spine.
TENS low frequency pulse massage to relieve cervical pain.


Rated power 5V DC 2A
Product power 10W
Host battery 2000mAh
Size 328 * 205 * 105mm
Physical therapy method magnetic effect, heat compress, pulse massage
Gear 3 gears
Number of massage heads 4 and below


Curve traction, constant temperature hot pack, TENS electric pulse, full body massage, wireless remote control, charging endurance

Cervical Traction Massager Function

Up and Down, Dynamic Curve Traction
Abandon straight-line pseudo-traction and repeatedly push through the two-way curve traction to evenly open the cervical spine space.

Dynamic Curve Traction

TENS low-frequency pulse massage to relieve cervical pain
TENS technology is electrical nerve stimulation technology, it can stimulate nerve cell viability and relieve neck pain.

TENS low frequency pulse massage

Massage Fengchi Point Conditioning Cervical Problems
Constant temperature hot compress, with Ashi electrode pads, and accurate massage points.

Massage Fengchi Point Conditioning Cervical

Super endurance, wireless remote control, can be used at any time
wireless remote control + charging design, free hands in all directions, massage as you want.
wireless remote control


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