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Child Cervical Collar

  • Size: S M L
  • Material: Sponge
  • Function: Provide support for neck
  • Feature: Postoperative external fixation

Made for cervical spine More comfortable
1. 360° support and cervical protection
V-shaped chin notch, curve incremental design, disperse neck and shoulder pressure
2. Ergonomic design to relieve pressure
Pressure is the root cause of cervical spine problems, neck care helps you relieve cervical pressure
3. Velcro link
The neck brace is connected by Velcro, easy to adjust, sticky and durable

Model Height Weight(kg) Age
S 90-110 15-20 2-4
M 110-130 20-30 4-7
L 130-150 30-60 7-10

1. due to different personal skin physique, the use of allergies or is not the case when it happens, please stop using immediately.
2. different personal body sizes, wearing sense will appear different.
3. If discomfort occurs during use, please adjust the size and reduce the time of use.
4. when dirty, please hand wash with water temperature below 30 ℃, do not expose to the sun, do not iron
5. Velcro sticky, please face outward, so as not to sticky clothing (knitted clothing, please pay extra attention)


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