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Child Hernia Belt

  • Name: Hernia Belt
  • Size: Child style
  • OEM: Accept OEM
  • Material: Composite Cloth

For the control and treatment of Indirect inguinal hernia, femoral hernia, and surgical recurrent hernia.

1. 360-degree protection
360 degrees of protection for human skin, skin-friendly and non-lethal, making it more comfortable to wear.

2. Will breathe hernia belt
With care and attention to every detail, the use of breathable mesh, finely distributed evenly, breathable, and not stuffy, so that the skin breathes freely.

3. Reasonable design of human body mechanics
According to human body mechanics, extra-large opening design, avoiding sensitive areas, protecting the skin from wear and tear, to achieve lasting wear.

Why Choose Youjie Tech:

1. Customizable support
Compression pads support weakened groin muscles to reduce pain and discomfort caused by a groin or hernia.

2. Adjustable
This waist belt is adjustable and comfortable. Relieves pain in the area of herniated discs. New high quality. Made of high-grade material with appropriate firmness.


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