Children Eye Massager

  1. Childlike graffiti
  2. Environmentally friendly plastics are harmless
  3. Intelligent constant temperature effective care

This eye massager is foldable, and children can also take it to school and use it during lunch breaks.

Children Eye Massager Relieve Fatigue Care Device Smart Bluetooth Music Hot Compress Electric Massage Protect Eyesight

For children, it is normal for children to study under a lot of pressure and overuse their eyes, but relax more to prevent the occurrence of myopia! The eye massager can relieve fatigue, and the eye massager is small in size and does not take up space. It can be used in school, can be used during breaks, and can be taken home after school. It can also relax before going to bed and help sleep. Intelligent constant temperature effective care. 42℃ body temperature makes children’s eyes more vigorous.

Eye Massager for children Electric Massage Protect Eyesight

Designed according to the structure of children’s eyes low-frequency vibration, constant temperature hot compress.
Automatic mode: constant temperature + vibration + music

Vitality mode: vibration massage + music

Eye protection mode: constant temperature hot compress + music

Children Eye Massager Electric Massage

Children Eye Massager Details
1. environmental protection ABS material
2. Soft PU leather
3. Adjustable elastic band

Smart Bluetooth Music Hot Compress Electric Children Eye Massager

Product information

Product name: children’s music eye massager

Weight: 255.6g

Rated power: 5W

Battery capacity: 1200mAh

Features: relieve eye fatigue and release stress

Product size: 22.5*9.8*9.4cm(manual measurement, the slight error is normal)

Material: PU, ABS, Polyester elastic band

Suitable for: 7-19 years old

Smart Electric Children Eye Massager Protect Eyesight

Not recommended for children under 7 years old;

People with major eye diseases, pregnant women, and babies are forbidden;

If you have eye diseases, please follow your doctor’s advice.

Product name

children’s music eye massager


relieve eye fatigue and release stress

Product size




Rated power


Battery capacity



PU, ABS, Polyester elastic band

Suitable for

7-19 years old


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