Neck Back Cupping Massager

  • Small body, powerful energy
  • Adhere to the skin using the principle of negative pressure
  • Get rid of soreness, kick away fatigue, relax muscles, Speed up metabolism
  • Vibrating massage mode, simulating a real massage, giving you the most comfortable massage

Silicone Cupping Massager Enjoy technological life

Technology life, enjoy health. Easy operation pulse electric massage, compact and convenient, made of silicone material. Cupping therapy makes a healthy life.

Do you have these troubles?

  • Physical stress due to overwork
  • No time for spa
  • It’s not safe for the traditional cupping therapy
  • Inconvenient to carry

Smart Cupping Massager Supplier in china
You need to try a different portable massager
Cupping massager take is wherever you go, small in design, easy to carry, enjoy massage at anytime
neck hand back cupping massage

Break the routine, more features

Different from another massager on the market
1. Silicone material
The external part is made of silicone material which is comfortable and soft use. Relax your body.
2. Pulse massage mode
Unique electric pulse massage function, with five intensity levels the pulse intensity can be adjusted according to your own comfort.
3. The metal pads designed for a better experience
The metal pads transfer the energy to the depth of the skin.
Tips: please apply a little water to the pads.
Before use to improve the comfort and intensity of the massage.
pulse cupping massage mode
Be suctioned on the skin with a negative pressure principle
Using the principle of negative pressure, the cupping can be firmly suctioned on the skin and act on the subcutaneous tissue through massage pads.

vibrating massager manufacturer

Vibration massage mode
Vibration mode simulation person tapping massage, open your meridians
Suitable for full body massage

massage cup instructions
Under the simple and beautiful appearance, hi-tech technology is hidden.
cup massage structure components

How To Use Cupping Massager

1. Please make the massage area moist before use.
2. The massage area should be meaty and flat, otherwise it may affect the suction effect.
3. Squeeze the air in the cup and suction it on the skin quickly and then let go.
4. Press and hold the “power button” for 3 seconds to turn it on. The default mode is Vibration+EMS.
5. Press the “power button” to adjust the intensity level, there’re 5 levels in total.
6. Press and hold the “power button” for 3 seconds to turn it off when you want to end the massage.
7. Squeeze the cup and take it off the skin.
8. The massager automatically turns off after running for 15 minutes. You can turn it back on if you want to use it longer.
cup massage scene display
Massager Cupping Package Display
cupping massager package


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