Double Knee Massager

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massage to relieve knee pain effective care for parents

4 kinds of massage modes 9 optional intensity levels. The knee joint lacks the protection of fat and muscle and is easily damaged. If you do not pay attention to prevention and maintenance at ordinary times, the knee will appear congestion, swelling or pain, weakness, joint effusion, squatting difficulties, walking restrictions. through joint acupoint massage, it can promote blood vessel circulation, release joint pressure, and effectively relieve knee pain caused by inflammation such as osteogenesis, effusion and synovitis.

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Advantages of Double Knee Massager

1. Intelligent self-adaption mode be suitable for all knees
The built-in intelligent chip can automatically adjust the corresponding pressure value according to the size and bearing force of the user’s knee, which makes up for the shortcomings of the traditional knee massager that the massage force of the fat knee is too large, and the massage force of the thin knee is not enough.

2. Air wave massage the knee circularly at multiple points enjoy real person massage at home
Air wave dynamic air bag imitates human push, press and pinch technique, and massage from top to bottom,from left to right. Pressing internal knee eye acupoint, external knee eye acupoint and Heyan acupoint with multi-point, promoting blood circulation, relaxing the knee and relieving knee pain. It is suitable for users with different degrees of knee strain.

3. Intelligent voice broadcast be more suitable for middle aged and old people
According to the use habits of the elderly, the product increases the voice broadcast function. The machine will carry out synchronous voice broadcast for every step of the user’s operation.

4. Infrared temperature sensing hot compress heated just right
80% of knee problems are caused by cold. it is very important to keep warm.
3 grade in frared temperature sensing hot compress, which is more comfortable than hot water bag, and more suitable for the middle-aged and elderly people to use.

5. Red magnetic therapy releases healthy energy
38 red light lamps and 4 energy magnets are built in to irradiate the joints. Through the significant temperature control effect and resonance effect, the water molecules are resonantly activated and heated deeply under the skin to reduce the excitement of the nerve end and relieve the pain of knee joint.

6. HD large screen display function operate simply
13 inch HD large screen, which is clear and easy to operate. parents can directly use.

7. High frequency vibration massage remove knee fatigue
Low, medium and high frequency vibration massage can relieve knee fatigue, maintain knee strain and give knee a comfortable experience.

8. Wireless massage system be more convenient for middle-aged and old people to use
Built-in large capacity lithium battery, be rechargeable and durable. The product is only 2kg weight, easy to wear and be portable, which is more suitable for contemporary people’s living habits.

9. Taking care of parents’ knee in any time and any place
Watch TV on the sofa, relax in bed, walk up and down stairs, do square dancing…
Relax your knees whenever and wherever possible.

Technical Parameters

Product Name Air compression double knee massager
Size (mm) 385*160*200
Material ABS, PC, PE, TPE
Heating Temperature 45-55℃
Battery 2600mAh
Charging Time 2.5h
Press Intensity 9 adjustable gear(40-80kpa)
Automatic Timing 15min per time
Using Time 8 times(15min per time)
Weight 2kg
Color White


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