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Spring Coil Finger Splint

  • Model: Dynamic Aluminum Finger Splint
  • Item Type: Finger Straightener
  • Material: Foam + Stainless Steel
  • Instrument classification: Class I
  • Indications: Finger Injury
  • Feature: Portable, Adjustable
  • Function: Finger support
  • Type: Orthopedic
  • Service: ODM OEM Service

The unique design of finger joint movement by adjusting screw spring-driven straight and curved fingers do sports. Finger after damage, or long-term arthritis caused by insufficient fingers straight or curved. This device can be early at home or the office of self-treatment, is very effective.

Inadequate finger extension or flexion following finger injury or due to long-term arthritis.

The unique design of finger joint movement, with adjustable spiral spring to drive the finger to do straightening or bending dribbling, strong or weak spiral spring force to do different angles of training.

Coil spring:
Help fingers rehabilitation by tension spring on the aluminum bracket while keeping fingers and wrist in the right position.

Suitable for people:
The person suffering the cerebral injury, cerebral palsy, cerebral infarction sequela, all kinds of craniocerebral surgery and Parkinson’s disease, and peripheral neuropathy caused by hand function disorder. Finger cramps, and is not straight. And muscle tension, limb abnormal tension patients. Fingers to patients, can for strength training.

1. If after using the skin appear allergic rashes, please stop using immediately and seek a doctor to make a diagnosis, and give treatment.
2. The guard must be comfortable wearing, does not affect the blood circulation.
3. If the situation did not improve after use, please seek medical assistance.


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