Electric Drive Wheelchair

Our company produces various styles of wheelchairs, which are not fully reflected on the website. You can contact us by email and we will provide you with complete product information.

What is Drive Wheelchair?

A wheelchair is a chair equipped with wheels instead of walking. They are divided into electric and manual folding wheelchairs. It is an important mobile tool for home rehabilitation, personnel mobility, medical treatment and outing activities for the wounded, sick and disabled. The wheelchair can not only meet the needs of the disabled and the disabled, but more importantly, it is convenient for the family to move and take care of the sick. Allow patients to use wheelchairs to exercise and participate in social activities.
Youjie Tech produces various models of wheelchairs, including manual and electric folding wheelchairs, with customized colors and styles. And get the goods at the factory price.

Maintenance of Drive Wheelchair

1. Tires: Always pay attention to whether the tire pressure of the tire is normal, this is the most basic.

2. Chair cover and backrest: Clean the chair cover and leather backrest with warm water and diluted soapy water.

3. Lubrication and general maintenance: Always use lubricant to maintain the wheelchair, but do not use too much to prevent oil stains on the floor. Perform routine maintenance frequently and check whether the screws and screws are firm.

Product Specification

Overall width 610 mm
Seat width 440 mm
Rear wheel diameter 10 inch
Front wheel diameter 16 inch
Seat height 475 mm
Overall height 870 mm
Overall length 990 mm
Seat length 400 mm
Backrest height 390 mm
Max.loading 120 kg
Max.safe slope 8-15 °
Max.speed 6 KM/h
Max.driving range 15 km
Motor/Electro magnetic DC 250W*2
Batteries 24V 12AH
Charger Charging time DC 24V 1.8A 8-10h
Max.Controller output power 50A
Net weight 45 kg


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