Electric Folding Wheelchair

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How to choose Electric Wheelchair manufacturer?

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Introduction to the performance of Electric Folding Wheelchair

  • 10’’front castor,simple and stylish
  • EABS brake system,ramp packing more safe
  • 360°smart controller,operate more sensitive
  • 12A Lead-acid batteries,endurance over 15km
  • Washable cushion,breathable and comfortable
  • Elasticity shock absorption design,comfortable and safe
  • Lightweight steel frame,metal paint,strong,durable and attractive

Technical Parameters

Parameter Electric Folding Wheelchair
Frame Material Carbon Steel
Motors Brush,DC250W*2pcs
Joysticks Controller Chinese Brand.50A
Charger DC24V,1.8A
Charging time 7-8h
Max speed 6km/h
Product size 1090*590*935mm
Front wheel 10″ solid tyre
Rear Wheel 16″ pneumatic tyre
Seat height 500mm
Seat width 450mm
Seat depth 435mm
Safe load 120kg
Climbing 8-15°
Brake Manual Brake&EABS
Frame Color Sliver
Seat Cunshion Color Blue/Red/Black

What is the best folding electric wheelchair?

Folding electric wheelchairs usually use lithium batteries, have a relatively small design and a unique foldable frame, so they can be carried when traveling by plane, high-speed rail, and cruise ship.
Traditional electric wheelchairs are heavy and mostly use lead-acid batteries, so they cannot be carried on airplanes.
Lightweight foldable electric wheelchairs are relatively small and light in weight due to the design of lithium batteries, and the battery capacity is usually designed within aviation standards.
Elderly people can bring them randomly when traveling, and they can bring electric wheelchairs directly after getting off the plane. This solves the pain points of elderly travel needs, so portable electric wheelchairs are worthy of promotion.

Package Size


With 24V 12AH Lead-Acid Battery

Net Weight:45kgs / Gross Weight: 48kgs

With 24V 20AH Lead-Acid Battery

Including the charger / line / charger port
Net Weight:50kgs / Gross Weight: 55kgs

With 24V 12AH Lithium Battery

Net Weight:38kgs / Gross Weight: 41kgs


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