Electric Knee Massager

  1. Knee massager
  2. Thermal therapy
  3. Pressure massage
  4. Air-pressure massage
  5. Light physiotherapy

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Product name Heating vibration air compression pain relief knee massager
Power 12.8V 2A
Charge time 2.5 h
Mode Pressure-massage; heating therapy; vibration massage; light physiotherapy
Air bag 4+4 pieces to massage muscles around the knees
Light physiotherapy Red-blue light , relieve pains
Vibration High-frequency micro-vibration, relax muscles
Heating Different heating levels, cold and pain relief
Feature Portable, wireless, adjustable

Modes of Electric Knee Massager

1.Pressure Massage
There are four airbags in each knee area, which can completely wrap the knee joints. With 3 levels of air pressure massage intensity, the knee massage machine is suitable for different knee massage users.
Pain Relief Rechargeable
2.Light Physiotherapy
Red-blue light can change cell structure, kill bacterial, provides a suitable environment for new cells, and promotes cell growth without damaging the skin.Portable Heated Knee Joint MassageThe knee massager machine uses a narrow-spectrum light source to emit a kind of cold light, which does not generate high heat and does not burn the skin. It converts light energy into intracellular energy to reduce knee pains.
3.Vibration Knee massager
Knee massager machine can provide high-frequency micro-vibration to the muscles.

It massages the deep muscles around the knee joints through high-frequency vibration to relax the muscles groups, thereby better protecting the knee joints and preventing the knee joints damage caused by different muscle tensions.
Double Knee Heated Massager
4.Thermal Therapy
There is a heating therapy mode. In this mode, you can adjust 3 leves to meet your demand.
Heating therapy can provide a constant temperature for the cold knees to relieve pains, but also accelerate the blood circulation around the knees to relieve the discomfort caused by knee injury.
Vibrating Knee Massager
Electric Knee Massager suitable for elderly people with cold knees, beauty lovers who wear short skirts in winter, and the people who stand for a long time during working.


Heating, vibration, light, pressure


Double knees


12.8V 2A


Portable, wireless


Infrared physiotherapy, Cold relief, ease pain, massage

Charge time


Model Number


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Free spare parts


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