Electric Nasal Irrigator

  • Net Weight: 270g
  • Size: 19X7.6X5.4CM
  • Battery capacity: 2000MAH
  • Function: Automatic timing 2.5min
  • Greatest pressure: 0.12mPa~0.28mPa
  • Design: Arc design 360° rotatable rinse head
  • Coping with symptoms: Nasal congestion, runny nose, rhinitis, sinusitis

About 6 Days Of Battery Life

High-quality batteries maintain stable power.

  • Automatic timing for 2.5 minutes.
  • Use 5 minutes a day.
  • Continuous use for 6 days.

Please insert the silicone plug into the charging port after charging is complete!

Why Use an Electric Nasal Irrigator?

The nose processes a lot of inhaled substances every day, while the dirty stuff stays in the nose. So it is very necessary to wash your nose regularly.
nose discomfort

Product Name Electric Nasal Irrigator
Symptom Nasal congestion, runny nose, rhinitis, sinusitis
Performance 1. One-touch nose wash
2. water temperature visible
3. Multi-gear and multi-mode
4. Suitable for the whole family

Nasal Irrigator

This nasal cleaner maximizes nasal cleansing by using a gentle pulsating irrigation action. It effectively clears and cleans your sinuses to maintain health and relieve congestion from your system. For Sinus Relief – This nasal aspirator relieves symptoms of sinus problems, allergies, and the common cold such as cough, congestion, post-nasal drip, nasal irritation, and sinus headaches.

Easy to Operate

  • One-key Switch
    With level memory.
  • One-key Control
    Same Frequency
    Cleaning Mode: to meet
    Frequency Conversion Pulse Mode
    Wash the nose and massage the nasal cavity at the same time cleaning needs.

Electric Aspirator System

  • Effective Nasal Irrigator
    This nasal irrigator device uses a gentle pulsating rinse action for maximum nasal cleansing and optimum health benefits.
  • Large Capacity Water Tank
    Large and full-opening 200ml water capacity tank allows you to thoroughly clean your nasal without running out of water amid the process.
  • Precise Control of Water Temperature
    The comfortable temperature is 95°F-104°F.
    The mark of the water tank will change color as The water temperature change.
    Note: Please fill with 200ml of liquid when using.

Medical Washer

Operation steps

  1. Insert the nozzle, and the direction of rotation can be adjusted, when you need to take out the nozzle, just pull it out with force.
  2. Fill the water tank with water, and add 200ML of water to each bag of 1.8g nasal salt.
  3. To install the water tank, take the main unit of the product, hold the main unit with one hand, hold the water tank with the other hand, and rotate it into the buckle position.
  4. Turn on the power and adjust the required mode to wash your nose as needed


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