Electric Wheelchair Scooter

  1. Driving Range:30km
  2. Charging time: 7-8h
  3. Configuration: indoor/outdoor
  4. Maximum Speed Range: (6-10) km/hr
  5. Application: Useful for the handicapped patients

Folding Electric Wheelchair Scooter For Sale With Factory Price

As a professional wheelchair scooter manufacturer, we have struck a balance between price and quality. High quality folding electric wheelchair scooters for sale.There are hundreds of wheelchair manufacturers in China and Youjie Tech must provide the best quality at the same price.
We have rich export experience, which can effectively help purchasing managers avoid unknown risks in international trade.If you are looking for electric wheelchair scooter suppliers, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Advantage of wheelchair scooter

1. Multi-function vehicle
The 24-inch rear wheel has two modes of use: electric and manual, which can be switched at will according to the needs of different scenes.
2. No clutch
There is no clutch on the rear wheels, and there is no need to manually switch between electric and manual modes.

The electric mode is when the power is on; the manual mode is when the power is off, which is very convenient.
3. Metallic paint
Full body metal paint treatment, round and shiny, delicate and warm, beautiful and durable
4. Double motors
Dual motors have more power, up to 250W, more power in climbing and obstacles, and can easily adapt to various road conditions
5. Intelligent controller
Rotate the joystick 360 degrees, push the joystick in which direction, and stop when released, easy to learn
6.EABS brake system
EABS braking system, electronic parking function, safer up and down ramps. Stop immediately when you really let go, so you can feel more at ease when going up and downhill.

Electric wheelchair scooter product description

  1. Easy folding design,easy to operate
  2. EABS brake system,Ramp parking function
  3. 12A lithium batteries,Driving range over 16km
  4. 360┬░Intelligent controller,sensitive to operate
  5. Removable seat cushion,breathable and comfortable
  6. Aluminum Alloy Wheel,Solid tire,Simple and fashion
  7. Lightweight steel frame,Metal painting,durable and beautiful

Technical Parameters

Frame Material Steel
Motors DC250W*2pcs
Joysticks Controller 50A
Charger AC220, 50hz,1.8A
Charging time 7-8h
Max speed 6km/h
Driving distance 20km
Product size 1150*660*910mm
Front wheel diameter 10 inch
Rear wheel diameter 24 inch
Overall length 1150 mm
Overall width 660 mm
Seat height 480mm
Seat width 460mm
Seat depth 445mm
Safe load 120kg
Net weight 35 kg
Climbing 8-15┬░
Frame Color Blue/Sliver
Seat Cunshion Color Blue/Red/Black
Model Number


Package Size


With 24V 12AH Lithium Battery

Net Weight:37kgs / Gross Weight: 40kgs

With 24V 24AH Lithium Battery

Net Weight:39kgs / Gross Weight: 42kgs

With 24V 12AH Lead-Acid Battery

Net Weight:45kgs / Gross Weight: 48kgs


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