Eye Massager

  • Made of silk fabric with a soft and comfortable texture. Wear as light as nothing.
  • Four-point vibration massage.
  • Three massage mode adjustments.
  • Three temperature adjustments.
  • Two colors to choose from.
  • Battery capacity: 1800 mAh.

An airplane-ready massage eye mask that complies with international air transport standards.

New self-developed, Lightweight eye protection, Hot massage eye mask

Trial Officer Experience – Embrace the voice of the user: “Warm and very comfortable, hot compress penetration, is the gospel of overworked eyes. Slim design, shading without dead ends, office, or sleep are very suitable. Three gear massage function, with this, fatigue are receding.”


Product Name Massage Eye Mask
Fabric Material Silk
Rated Power 5V
Intelligent Timing 30 minutes
Battery Capacity 1800mAh
Product Weight 150g
Charging Interface Type-c

Hot Compress Massage to Brighten Eyes
1. Vibration Wave Technology

  • As comfortable as eye exercises.
  • External 4 micro motors, through high-frequency vibration massage around the eyes, the vibration frequency of up to 11,000 times per minute, effectively help the eyes to release pressure, bright eyes.

Eye Massage Vibration Wave Technology

2. 3 Massage Modes, Effective Rescue “overworked eyes”

  • Youjie Tech wants to be your massage therapist to save your tired eyes.

Eye Massage Modes

3. 3 Levels of Hot Compress Mode

  • Close your eyes and enjoy the warmth.
  • Unlike traditional steam eye masks, the Youjie Tech Hot Compress Eye Mask is equipped with 3 levels of constant temperature, continuous gentle heat, effectively penetrating the eye area and promoting blood circulation.
  • Relieves different levels of eye fatigue. Low-temperature 35℃, micro-heat daily eye care. Medium temperature 45℃, warm and soothing around the eyes. High-temperature 55℃, heat penetration to soothe discomfort.

4. Cloudy and Thin Design

  • Silk fabric, as smooth as silk.
  • Silk fabric is porous and breathable, so you won’t feel stuffy even after wearing it for a long time, keeping your eyes fresh and taking care of your delicate skin.

5. No Dead Angle of Light Blocking

  • Fast sleep, bare skin 0 pressure feeling.
  • Youjie Tech massage eye mask is ergonomically designed in 3D to fit the face better, effectively blocking light and reducing the pressure on the eyes.

6. Lightweight and Convenient, Enjoy at Any Time

  • Small size, does not take up space, weighing about 150g, go out shopping without weight.

How To Use

  1. Before use, link the massage handle to a good eye mask.
  2. According to their own conditions, adjust the massage eye mask elastic band.
  3. Long press the power button for 3 seconds, click the power button to select the massage mode.
  4. Click the temperature key to select the temperature of the hot compress.
  5. Wear to the eye, enjoy the massage SPA.
  6. Take off the eye mask, long-press the power button to turn off the machine, pull out the massage handle.

eyes massage use


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