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Finger Extension Splint

  • Item Type: Finger Straightener
  • Material: Metal
  • Size: Average Size
  • Scope of Application: Finger contracture after long-term arthritis, and fixing finger during finger rehabilitation period.
  • Product Features: This device can use progress pressure to straighten the contracture fingers, the pressure can be adjusted freely.

Finger extension splint, finger splint straightener brace support corrector finger joint pressing device pain relief tool assist for finger injury or arthritis fixed rehabilitation orthotics.

1. Appearance Design
The appearance design of the straightener, the design in line with the finger curve brings a comfortable experience to the patient.

2. Durable
The screws on the straightener can press the fingers that are not straightened by gradual pressure.

Why Did You Choose Us?
Six reasons for your choice
1. Sponge Lining
The sponge has good water absorption and resilience, soft and comfortable.

2. Aluminum Alloy Sheet Metal
It plays a better role in fixing and supporting and has a good effect on the recovery of finger fractures.

3. Fixed Fit
Finger fixing design, outer metal plate design, finger care, sweat absorption, skin-friendly, soft, and comfortable.

4. Screw Design
Freely adjustable finger pressure.

5. High Quality Material
Use of medical materials, ensure safety and comfort in use.

6. Soft EVA Lining Design
Skin-friendly material, no stimulation, comfortable to wear without discomfort.

Finger Joint Straightener


Name Finger Joint Straightener
Applicable It is suitable for finger contracture after finger extension, finger injury or long-term arthritis.
Size Average Size
Characteristics This device can straighten the contracted finger with progressive pressure, and the pressure can be adjusted freely.

Product Details:

  1. High-quality sponge material.
  2. The material is of rigorous workmanship.
  3. Plastic aluminum splint with a soft sponge.
  4. Body curve fitting, comfortable and relaxed.
  5. Strong support, comfortable and friendly to the skin.

adjustable plastic finger splint

1. If there is an allergic rash on the skin after use, please stop using it immediately and seek medical advice.

2. Must be comfortable and do not affect blood circulation.

3. If the condition does not improve after use, please seek medical assistance.


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