Folding Electric Wheelchair

  1. wheel: Anti-tilt wheel
  2. Armrest: Armrest can be lifted
  3. battery: Lightweight lithium battery
  4. Brake system: intelligent electromagnetic brake
  5. Body material: Aviation grade 6160 aluminum alloy

Folding Electric Wheelchair Description

  1. The 500W rare earth permanent magnet motor has simple structure, reliable operation, small size, light weight, low loss and high efficiency.
  2. 12-inch wheels, aluminum alloy wheels, thick rubber pneumatic tires, fast and durable, suitable for various road conditions, fast and durable, fine patterns and stable patterns.
  3. This wheelchair features a LG 18650 battery with a worm gear and dual motors. The power output is stable and the cruising range is 30km.
  4. The motor is sourced from Taiwan’s well-known supplier Shuoyang. This motor is stable, low noise and high torque. It is easy to cross a variety of ramps.
  5. The frame is made of light aviation 6160 aluminum alloy. It not only ensures a light carrying strap for the wheelchair, but also ensures a higher carrying capacity.

Advantages Of Folding Wheelchair

  1. Electromagnetic brakes make travel safer. It rejects the sliding phenomenon caused by traditional power-off brakes, so that it does not slip or slip, and brakes stop.
  2. One-key folding, only 27.8 kg, 30 seconds to fold when the switch is turned on, easy boarding.
  3. 360°no blind spot universal joystick controller, master driving in one minute, old people and children can learn in one minute.
  4. This folding electric wheelchair has chosen the British PG controller. Simple operation, precise pointing and quick response.
  5. Lengthen the wheelbase and tilt the backrest to reduce the pressure on the hips due to prolonged sitting, making the ride more comfortable.

Wheelchair Specifications

Motor: 200W * 2 worm gear motor
Front wheel: 8-inch solid tire
Rear wheel: 12 inch pneumatic tire
Charging time: 8-10 hours
Brake system: intelligent electromagnetic brake
Body material: aviation grade 6160 aluminum alloy
Maximum load: 150KG
Maximum climbing angle: 20°
Folding size: 780*600*400 (mm)
Driving speed: 3-9 (km/h)


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