Foot Bath Massager

Intelligent safety protection, there will be no risk of electric shock.
Compared with traditional foot spa tub, you do not need to soak your feet in the water. Avoid electric shock from water conduction.

Why Do People Love the Steam Foot Spa Massager?

Ultrasonic atomization makes spa effective and safe.Designed for the elderly and lazy who can directly enjoy the massage.Put your feet in good care by giving it a supreme sauna treatment.
A great gift: Technological innovation, the use of perspiration technology, which differs from conventional footbaths and offers a better experience in the footbath. Perfect gift for your family’s well-being. Especially those who can’t lift heavy objects, old people. Compatible with shoe sizes up to US13 / EU 46. Achieve better effects with a herbal pack (without herbal pack)

Technical parameters

Product name Steam foot machine
Rated voltage 100-240V~ AC/50-60Hz
Type foot Spa Massager
Steam Temperature about 45-54℃
Application home,Office
Product size 385*385*241mm
Weight 3.7KG
Function 1. Ultrasonic atomization fumigation.
2. Foot massage with motorised rollers.
3. Overheating protection.
4. Timing setting.
5. Lower water protection.
6. Three-stage light processing (yellow light assisted heating;Purple light sanitation clean;Blue light treatment)

Key Features of the Steam Foot Spa Massager

1. Pebble sensation Massaging rollers
Relieve your pain and stress: the foot bath uses steam to provide warmth and improve blood circulation. The deep steam foot spa sauna relieves pain, stress, tension, and anxiety. The foot massagers is suitable for the elderly, insomniacs, athletes, people with cold feet, and more. Note: The massage rollers are not motorized.
2. Fast heating Warm steam
More effective and safer: The advanced massage of the foot sauna with steam offers you a refreshing steam foot bath experience. If you only need one cup of water, generate steam immediately for 10 seconds, the steam temperature reaches its maximum in 5 minutes. Leak protection and secure multiple insulation protection ensure that you can safely enjoy a relaxing foot bath. You don’t have to soak in water.
3. 2 Auto timers 3 Heat level
Easy to use and clean: one-touch operation. 3 heating temperature levels and 2 timers (10/20 minutes) to choose from. If there is no water in the water tank, the control lamp flashes, and the steam foot bath massager switches off automatically after 10 seconds. This safely protects and prevents leaks. Softcover for heat storage included. After use, remember to remove and empty the water collection box.
4. Smart control panel Herbal pack insertion
Intelligent ultrasonic atomization technology: If you only pour one cup of water (approx. 380 ml) into the water tank, you can look forward to 50-65 minutes of foot sauna spa using ultrasonic atomization. The noise is lower than 45 dB. Save water and protect the environment. Note: Keep the footbath machine level to avoid overflowing the water in the water collection box.


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