Foot Spa Massager

  • Type: Foot Spa Massager
  • Application: Foot
  • Temp: 35℃~48℃
  • Function: Heat, Bubbles, Timing and Light

Relax your feet!
Do you want a foot massage after working or
long working?
Now you can do it use our foot bath massager. Treat your feet to the prefect pedicure with soothing heat gentle vibration and refreshing bubbles.


Tired feet? We walk everyday and all pressure is stored in the feet.
Massaging feet can release the pressure and ease the burden of our body.
Main Feature 1. Three modes motorized massage: It can help you to soak and relieve tired feet and distract you from busy work.
2. Incredible Collapsible Foot Spa: It is easy to fold this foot soaking tub without any extra tool.
3. Heating & Bubble & Red Light: range from 95°F to 118°F/ 35 to 48℃, will gently massage the soles of your feet, and a relaxing pedicure foot spa atmosphere for you.
4.Removable Remote Control: The magnetic remote control provides a more convenient and reliable way of controlling the foot spa.
5. Timing: It can adjusted from 10-60mins. (30mins is the best working time.)
6. Dust cover:  Help to isolate dust, improve insulation effect.
Benefits It effectively promotes blood circulation, improves metabolism, relieves fatigue, and smoothens the meridians.
Product Weight 3.86kg
Product / Package Dimensions 41.5*33.5*14.5cm / 42.1*34.5*15.5cm
Maximum Water Capacity  6.5L

Foot Spa Massager detail show

In Home Foot Spa

1. Promote Better Night Sleep
The foot bath massager is suitable for elderly people, insomniacs, athletes, people with cold feet, and people under the foot exercise to unwind after a long day.

2. PTC Quick Heater with Adjustable Design
500W with overheat protection, choose your desired warmth ranging from 95°F to 118°F (35℃ to 48℃).

3. Automatic Massage Modes and Bubbles
Mit 4 electric massage rollers and 4 pebble rolling massage balls can heat foot heel, toe, arch, and ankle.


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