Four Sections Medical Mattress

  • Model: YJ-M003
  • Feature: Foldable
  • Type: Medical mattress
  • Application: Hospital and clinic
  • Mattress material: coconut fiber/foam/sponge

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Folding Medical Mattress Details

Factory supply soft hospital bed mattress medical mattress.

  1. Standard size to match each hospital bed.
  2. Mattress cover with flexible, waterproof, can be washed.
  3. The mattress core are made of coco silk and wave sponge with high density of 40-43 kg/m3.
  4. It is possibility for easy removing the cover.
  5. Has two thickness for choise: 60mm and 80mm, also can be customized.


Material: high density sponge and waterproof cover.
Thickness can be designed by your need.
Color: blue/army green/black.

Advantage of Folding Medical Mattress

  1. According to the special matching requirements of different sickbeds and operating beds, it can be integrated, folded, combined and special-shaped medical mattresses.
  2. Convenient nursing: the mattress is designed to be washable and easy to clean and wash. The brown fiber liner does not absorb water, even if it is dirty, it only needs to be washed and dried.
  3. Patient Comfort: Brown mattress has unique characteristics of excellent air permeability and smooth stress, which can not only provide a dry and comfortable sleep environment for patients, but also help patients recover.
  4. Every detail of the mattress is integrated into the concept of “comfort, environmental protection and health”


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