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Frog Finger Splint

  • Type: frog finger splint
  • Instrument classification: Class I
  • Feature: Comfortable
  • Service: ODM & OEM Service
  • Sample: Available
  • Packing: opp bag and carton

Portable Aluminum Frog Finger Splint First Aid Medical for Baseball Sport
The use of aluminum alloy steel plate and high-quality sponge composition, of which the bending degree can be adjusted, according to their own conditions.

Aluminum alloy finger bone plate is easy to use, simple in appearance and can replace the traditional splint.

Aluminum Alloy Finger Splint

1. Design of Aluminum Splint
The guide angle is round and does not hold hands, and the splint has high plasticity.

2. Splint Sponge Design
Slow shock and decompression, soft skin.

3. Design of aluminum base plate
It accords with the human finger radian.

aluminum alloy finger splint design

  • Ventilated foam padding.
  • Lightweight aluminum protects the injured fingers.
  • Folds over the end of the finger to provide protection and stabilization.


  • S:6cm, M:7.5cm, L:8cm


  • Ligament strain.
  • Finger deformity.


  • Applicable to hand joint fracture break, dislocation, or sprain of the distal and proximal finger joints, can play a soft tissue injury fixation, ligament injury fixation, post-surgical rehabilitation period fixation, etc., with the characteristics of solid fixation and easy operation. Use to support injured fingers.

How to use frog finger splint:

  • Under the guidance of medical personnel, after using the medical aluminum alloy finger splint to the site, adjust the fixation position to fix it.


  • Unexplained skin masses.
  • Bleeding tendency (thrombocytopenia, leukemia).
  • Swelling and ulceration of the affected skin.


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